Earthworm Jim Signed, Holy Grail of Bioshock and Rare MSX Games!

There’s a bunch of amazing video game auctions up on eBay right now. I don’t think I’ve seen so many different items that I’m not familiar with all in one post.

Now to start things off I want to say that I know it’s not the rarest auction of the night, but I’d like to show first this Earthworm Jim Sega Cd Signed by Dave Perry. Now you are wondering why I choose this to be the first auction. Well, I remember a time back in the 90’s when Earthworm Jim was HUGE. Every kid was bringing their issue of Nintendo Power and showing around this new game that would be coming out. I remember it was very unique for it’s time. It’s humorous action moves, the amazing graphics, everyone wanted to have this game. If you owned a copy, you were the “cool” kid and everyone wanted to come over to your place to test it out. Nowadays, this is one title that I never hear anyone talk about. It’s one of the least discussed SNES/Sega game. Unless you are part of some underground Earthworm Jim forum, then you’ll probably agree with me here. So I thought that I would shed some light on a game that isn’t talked about much anymore. The fact of having a signed copy of the game(well, the Sega CD version) by Dave Perry is pretty freakin cool, and very uncommon to come by.

I also wanted to bring up a point. Most people will argue that the value of an autograph depends on whether or not the person who signed it is alive or dead. I believe that the value of an autograph is measured on scarcity. I find that autographs which are readily available don’t have much value since you can find them on eBay anytime. For example, look at the Hideo Kojima autographs; we post one every 2nd week if not more. Because Kojimas autographs are easily attainable this decreases the value in my opinion. It’s less desirable. Sure you’ll have a kick of owning one, but everyone else on your block has the same chance of owning his autograph as well thus making it less rare. I mean if you don’t care about everyone on your block also owning a Kojima autograph than it’s fine. But I like to work for my collectibles. I want to make sure that when I frame or display something thats “rare” in my room I can look at it and say, “Damn, that was one of the toughest finds ever!”. This makes sense to a hardcore collector. You want to own something that no one else owns, or very few other collectors own. So, with that said I have not seen a Dave Perry autograph in a long time, which by my defintion is quite desirable to own :).

The best part about this auction is that the autograph was not made out to anyone, which definitely adds more value to the piece. Here’s what the seller said:

“Exact item pictured. Game, box, and manual are in excellent condition. This was purchased new by me and has been kept in a loving and smoke-free home.I took the manual to E3 one year and got it autographed by Dave Perry, founder of Shiney Entertainment (creators of Earthworm Jim), credited as a programmer on this particular game, and a well-known ‘mover and shaker’ in the game industry. He was pretty cool about giving me the autograph in spite of being obviously very busy doing businessy stuff at E3. He said he hadn’t seen the Sega CD release yet, and encouraged me not to cheat and listen to the special ending track on the CD, which dastardly deed I swore I would not perform. So, having never finished the game, I still haven’t heard it.”

Other Video Game Auctions:

The Holy Grail of Bioshock Collectibles– Thanks to PJ for the AWESOME find. What a beaut! Seller says everything perfectly: “The Holy Grail of Bioshock memorabilia-and one of the rarest pieces of videogame memorabilia-this is the Sander Cohen statue by Irrational Games Studios master artist Robb Waters.This item was never issued to the general public. It was, in fact, only given to people that worked on the original Bioshock game (and to other people at Irrational Games.) Ken Levine, himself, personally gave each statue away. Both Mr. Levine (the mastermind of the Bioshock franchise and head of Irrational Games) and Mr. Waters personally hand signed each statue on the underside of the base of the statue. Each statue has also been hand numbered.
Mr. Waters is the lead art director of the Bioshock franchise. His vision formed the Bioshock universe (of both the under sea dystopia from the first two games, and the skyward land of Infinite) as we know it today. The statue is near mint to mint condition and includes its original box. The bunny rabbit mask is removable and can be placed on the figure’s face or on either hand. The box is nondescript, being made of plain white cardboard. Not too many of these statue were made, and it’s virtually impossible to find one in the open market; don’t miss this opportunity.” Fantastic piece!
A Tie To Die For! – We’ve shown plenty of Sonic the Hedgehog ties (official and unofficial), but it’s about time that a Super Mario tie surfaces. The fact that this tie is also an official Nintendo product makes it much more attractive. The tie features characters from Mario cart! I bet you won’t find this one pop up on eBay anytime soon. The price is cheap so bid! Seller says: “TAG ON BACK OF TIE SAYS: NINTENDO TM 1993 NINTENDO ALL RIGHTS RESERVED”.
Magna Carta 2 Collector’s Edition – Only 1,000 Made – I’m not sure if this is the same one that sold a while back but it’s nonetheless very rare. Seller says: “This was released ONLY in South Korea, and is limited to 1,000.The box is very large, and one of the nicest collector’s editions out there. They are all individually numbered.The contents include the game itself, OST, extremely detailed art book, posters, and a faceplate.I must say, the Magna Carta 2 faceplate is my favorite faceplate — it’s extremely pretty. I have provided pictures of an openend edition, but do not be mistaken, this auction is for a brand new and sealed one. These pictures are simply to show you what the box looks like inside.There is a weird tail at the end of the shrinkwrap, but it is no rip of any sort. It just sticks out; I hope the pictures depict is as clearly as possible”
Signed Dead Rising Servbot Coffe Mug Cup – Last time we featured this mug on VGA, it sold for $400 (check the VGA Hall of Fame). Since then they have sold for less but still a hard item to find. Best part about this mug is that only 500 were given out and each one was signed by Keiji Inafune!
Rare Professor Layton and the Last Specter Promo Hat Nintendo – The Professor Layton series has grown over the years and it’s thanks to his first hit PL and the Curious Village. Now everyone wants to own Professor Layton’s hat, and lucky for you there is one currently on eBay! It’s not cheap, but then again when’s the next time you’ll see one of these hats on eBay? Really cool collectors piece.
Famicom Game Exed Exes Silver Members Sticker – Only 2000 of these were made for the special tournament in Japan which would explain why the starting price of $150 already has a bid. The seller was nice enough to give an explanation of the item in more detail. Hey says in the auctions description: “Apparently, Tokuma Shoten organized a contest to commemorate the release of Exed Exes in Japan. Four special words appear throughtout the game, all triggered by a certain hi-score -BABYBOY (between 500,000 and 2,000,000),TOUCHME (between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000),KICKPOP (between 5,000,000 and 9,000,000) andRAPYTUA (over 9,000,000). This is rather tricky to achieve, although the game gives the player unlimited continues, the score counter resets to zero after a game over. The game’s manual reveals some information about the contest. It seems that prizes were awarded through Tokuma Shoten’s Family Computer Magazine to players who could send such passwords. Prizes came in the shape of member stickers that players would put on their original Famicom game cartridge of Exed Exes . The prize stickers were Silver (2000 winners), Gold (500 winners), Platinum (100 winners) and Royal (10 winners).”

Rare MSX Games:
Seller tubare44 has up three rare MSX games which are all complete. Not sure about the sellers prices, but pretty cool to see these on eBay. Konami’s Frogger on the MSX is one of the rarest Konami MSX titles, and to find one complete is even rarer. Normally collectors looking to complete their “Konami MSX” collection will want to bid on this since this game was obviously available only in Japan. The game was never sold outside of Japan so this is the missing link to many collections. Seller also has:
Cabbage Patch Kids MSX Complete
Magical Tree MSX Complete

Nintendo DS Kiosk Countertop Promotional display – Promo Demo Unit
SOCOM U.S Navy Seals PlayStation 2 Dog Tag Promo
Official Sony Playstation PS Business Card Holder Promo Promotional
Arc the Lad Promo Power Stone Paperweight Twilight Spirits Playstation 2 PS2
Playstation 2 PS2 Promo Pencil RARE
Street Fighter Animated Series Cel – Blanca – 1996 Original Framed Cel
Banjo-Kazooie BD&A Beanie Plush Doll
Nintnedo Stunt Race FX Hot Wheels Kellogg’s Cereal Premium
Tactics Ogre Tarot Cards – One of the cards are signed by Akihido Yoshida!
Donkey Kong Country Competition Case Excellent Condition – Buy this, and then buy the DK COmp Cart alone. You’ll probably saves a couple of hundreds doing it this way.
DRAGON’S LAIR 3D Arcade Promo Wine Charm Keychain Capcom Coin-Op

Good luck!

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Earthworm Jim Signed, Holy Grail of Bioshock and Rare MSX Games!

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