Fallout 3 Private Launch Party Invitation, Egoraptor Signed Castlevania II, Link Cosplay Sword & Shield

I don’t often list auctions for cosplay items because most people are looking for official stuff to add to their collection. Today I’m making an exception because of the amazing quality of the two items you’ll find below. Before we get to that though, here’s a launch party invitation that will be able to stand the test of time.

Fallout 3 Private Launch Party Invitation – This invitation is made of metal and is quite large. The launch party was pretty big but was invitation only. The Foo Fighters played at the party too which is pretty cool. Bids are getting pretty high…

Master Sword Cosplay Prop – Here’s one of the cosplay props I mentioned above. The sword is actually made of a solid resin with aluminium rods inside to keep it from breaking (but it can chip if you’re smacking your friends around with it). The sheath is lined with polyester and foam so that the sword can be sheathed snugly without causing scratches. A simply amazing job done here.

Hylian Shield Cosplay Prop – Here’s the matching shield to go with the sword above. It has been constructed with similar methods and looks fantastic. The two auctions together will close at a total of over $1000 but people are clearly ready to pay. Even if you don’t use them to dress up as Link, they would look awesome on display.

Castlevania II Signed by Egoraptor – I remember watching Egoraptor’s stuff many years ago on Newgrounds. Metal Gear Awesome was… well, awesome lol. He has plenty of videos on YouTube including a Castlevania vs Castlevania II review. This is something for the fans and a bid war has begun.

Biohazard Samurai Edge Standard Model – This is a heavy quality air gun which looks very realistic. The orange tip you see in the picture can actually be removed. Be warned though, shipping guns like this to places outside of the U.S. can cause problems… such as your gun being seized before you get it. This is something that happened to Riku once if I remember correctly lol… sucker.

Nintendo Power Lunch Box – The seller notes that the thermos is not included. It’s in pretty nice shape though and the current bid is quite low.

Diablo III Standee – Well, the in-store hype for Diablo III is basically finished. Time to grab up the displays that have been moved off the floor!

Sony Online Entertainment VIP Shirt – Not the most amazing shirt, but fairly rare. Very low current bid and the auction ends today.

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  1. Did you guys see the ending price for the Fallout 3 Launch Party sign?

    Holy Cow O.O ………………


    Good thing I’m not a diehard Fallout fan, or I would be a much poorer man :P. Someone actually sold one of those signs for $150 just days before this one was listed!
    That’s how it seems to always go, someone lists a rare item, then shortly after another person with the same item notices the bids rising, and they simply can’t refuse listing theirs! I should know, it happens to me all the time :).

    I love it though, it’s always fun to see which auction climbs the highest, the first, or the next few :). I’ve recently experienced the same thing, as there were 2 Halo: Combat Evolved standees listed within the past month. In 4 years of waiting and searching, 2 suddenly pop up in the same month :/. The first went for over $300 (new), I didn’t want to spend that much, and I just knew that I wouldn’t see another soon, maybe ever again.

    But there it was, only 2 weeks later, a used standee in great condition, just waiting to be in my collection! I couldn’t resist this one, so I bid, and won!
    It’s been sort of a grail to me…… I remember the first time I saw it online about 4 years ago. Halo: Combat Evolved is my favorite game! That Halo CE standee picture got me started collecting standees :), I just loved the way it looked, the emotions it brought into my mind when I saw it. Now I finally own one!

  2. Wow, that did close way higher than I expected. Congrats to the buyer.

    Also, pretty crazy story you have about the Halo standee there Joseph. I’m sure we all have an item in mind which is a must-have. The only problem is when you get it… #2 on the list becomes #1 lol… Still, it’s quite a feeling knowing it’s yours after you make that grab.

  3. Halo was an incredible game when it first came out. not a big fan of the newer releases cos they got old fast but to own the halo combot evovled standee would be pretty unreal! now that it really something you dont see many ppl have. how did you find it? did you keep searching ebay for one or you hve done a saved searches?

  4. That is insane, $1825 for that… there’s a buyer for everything.

    Cool Halo story. I don’t know why that is. You won’t see a rare item for years and when one pops up another follows it. I’m glad you won it Joseph, I know that feeling of wanting something so bad, but then missing the auction. I’ve had that happen a few times where it bugged me for months on end missing it asking, “Why didn’t I just bid on it?”. That’s the nature of ebay and once you start getting new items you need to send us a link to images of your collection :).

  5. Pat Lafontaine:

    I kept a saved search for it. But I actually found the auction before it popped up in my email :), I just knew I had to bid. It was a 10 day auction, so I had plenty of time to plan for it.

Fallout 3 Private Launch Party Invitation, Egoraptor Signed Castlevania II, Link Cosplay Sword & Shield

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