Fallout 3 PS3, Chrono Cross Harle Custom Plush and More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I’ve got some unique auctions for you today which includes some classic titles and cool limited edition merchandise. I usually don’t like posting custom video game items but this Marle Plush from Chrono Cross is just so well done it probably is better then what Squaresoft would have had done in 1999. Let’s start:

First auction is for a Harle Plush from Chrono Cross. This plush was not made by the seller, rather it was purchased by her/him online from an artist ten years ago. Harle measures 9.5 inches tall and 5.5 inches wide. The plush has remained in bubble wrap and stored safely in the sellers closest untouched. As the seller states, “This cute little harlequin/dark moon dragon can be yours now, as I’ve lost interest in videos games. My loss is your gain”. It’s currently at $100 with zero bids.

Other Video Games Auctions:

Robot Rubble for Intellivision -A rare title indeed, Robot Rubble almost never shows up brand new, however that is not what raises my eye brow. When I read the description the seller says, “This is the only such game in my husband’s collection“… huh? What does that even mean? Wouldn’t he post this? Did she get this as part of her divorce settlement? Is this revenge for sneaking over to the neighbors house in the middle of the night? Why wouldn’t he part with something so valuable in his collection himself unless he is too ashamed to face reality? We will never know…

FALLOUT 3 PS3 Survival Edition -The seller is right, this is the only one on eBay right now, but what he isn’t right about is gauging the price range to Amazon.com. He says, “So this is the only one on eBay right now and the only one that I’ve seen for less than $8000.00 (look it up on Amazon.com)“. I wanted to buy Castlevania mint on the NES and I saw a few for $30 on eBay complete. Then I took a look at Amazon(I don’t know why) and some seller had a listing, “The rarest NES game ever Castlevania!” and he had it at $400 bucks…

Call of Duty Black Ops Launch Kit Xbox 360 – A rare launch kit released for Black Ops. Comes with t-shirts, a lanyard and more. It’s at $300.

Huge Nintendo Lot 155 Games -All the games have been tested and work. It will be annoying to ship I can imagine. From the description it doesn’t look like any come with a box or booklet. Keep in mind a lot of these are doubles and even tripples.

Earthbound SNES Boxed Complete – Earthbound always amazes me because of the fan following and the demand for all it’s items and collectibles. It’s pretty much a gold mind if you find a rare Earthbound related item. This is complete with the scratch N’ sniff.

Call of Duty Strategy Guides Signed -Seller has a bunch of COD guides for sale, and all signed by one of the authors of the multiplayer sections. I don’t know what that means so you need to ask the seller but COD MW was fully focused for multiplayer game play which was awesome.

World of Nintendo Fiber Optic Sign – I think this is one of the Nintendo Signs that collector’s want the most, but it’s always expensive. Really nice in the dark. This one is at $700.

Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS Signed – Autographed Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS System. It is covered in a plastic sealant that is easy to remove and replace to preserve the signatures. To find out more about the autographs check out the auction..

Super Mario Bros 2 Sign – Looks beat up from the pictures. My impression is that this was originally acquired and hanged several times from one room to another. When Dad got upset with all the noise he aggressively took down all posters and punished the children by closing down the game room, then after the storm put it back up with a new pin hole. Well that very pinhole has diminished the value of this priceless artifact.

Huge 60″ Final Fantasy VIII Cardboard Store Stand – Great Stand up. I remember seeing this everywhere. It was actually really big too like the description states, “Huge”. This would looks cool in any game room. Has some wear but overall good shape.

Chrono Cross Card game Complete Set 60 Bandai -The price is fair as I don’t see this ever dropping due to the lack of appearance on eBay. It even has the full 6 special card set(prism).

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Fallout 3 PS3, Chrono Cross Harle Custom Plush and More!

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