Fatal1ty Signed Shirt, Star Fox Signed by Miyamoto and More!

It’s been a while since I personally done a post on signed games and collectibles. Today I found a mix of different signatures ranging from Kojima, Fatal1ty and Miyamoto. Now the Miyamoto signature is questionable. I don’t want to say it’s fake because I am far from being an expert, but I do my research if I want to purchase a signed collectible from the net. My research on this particular autograph makes me suspicious, but maybe someone else out there might be able to give their perspective.

The first time I heard about Fatal1ty(Johnathan Wendel) was playing Return to Castle Wolfenstien on Xbox Live(yeah this was a while back). That game was honestly crack for me but anyways. Every server I would go into, there was always one kid going off about Fatal1ty being “number one, no one can beat him, he is god, oh my god it’s Fatal1ty“. I never heard of the guy before so I did my research.

I found out he was a professional video game player who is part of the CPL(Cyberathlete Professional League). He’d play in big time tournaments racking in a lot of $$$. The games he’s most recognized for is first-person shooters(FPS) such as Quake III,Unreal Tournament 03, Counter Strike, and Call of Duty. His best game-type is deathmatch. It’s basically a 1v1. I played MW religiously and never seen him in any servers. I would have loved to have the chance to play him on that game but I am guessing he’s in a whole new league with dedicated servers for pros.

Anyways, I saw this up on eBay. It’s a signed shirt for the Video Game Hall of Fame along with a signed card. Seller says he’s the Michael Jordan of gaming which is interestingly put. There’s no bids on the auction so check it out.

Fatal1ty Signed Shirt and Card

Other Video Game Autographs

Like the auction above, I am not guaranteeing 100% authenticity. If you are interested in bidding on any of these auctions please do your research. Fake autographs are very popular on eBay so you never know. Sure it might be impossible to tell, but researching only helps your decision.

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain – Signed by the development team, and for $10 you can’t go wrong. I absolutely loved the series and had a lot of fun playing the games.

Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding Signed by Mr.Hawk – If you never played this game on the PS1, you MISSED OUT! I am far from being a skater, but the beauty about this game is that you don’t have to be in order to like it. Signed by the man himself.

Resident Evil 5 Signed by Jun Takeuchi

Star Fox signed by SHIGERU MIYAMOTO – Now this is one particular auction I am skeptical of. Being a skeptic doesn’t mean I deem this auction to be fake. Basically there are some things about this autograph that I find weird, that’s all. When was the last time you seen Miyamoto sign with his full name? Also, does he ever draw tiny pictures such as a heart? Or how about dating the signature? I don’t know about you, but these additions to the signature is uncharacteristic. Although you can’t rule out the possibility that Miyamoto did an interview thus having more time to add additional things to the autograph, a picture of him signing this would have solidified everything. But then, that would be disrespectful/unprofessional to do. Just do your research if you plan on going for this. Other than those uncharacteristic additions, the actual Miyamoto signature doesn’t look too off taking into consideration the gold pen he used. You can really dissect this signature even more.

and the missing Hideo Kojima MGS3 LP Paper Ad Promo Signed

Good luck!

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  1. Fatal1ty has nothing to do with Call of Duty Modern Warefare, I think we both know that Riku ;). I do remember hearing about him in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but I don’t remember if I played him.

    That StarFox cart is odd. Just take 10 random autographs and compare to see if it’s similar. I can tell you now it’s now. I would avoid it.

  2. WOW!! What is the record of MGS 3??? And it’s Signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have much money, which stinks. But I love LP’s of game soundtracks & such!!! I probably would have passed over that one, thanks so much!

  3. @Joseph – *lol*, it’s not an actual record, but a promo for MGS3 that’s in shape of a record, though one can be fooled easily! But my bad, I FORGOT to add it to the post! *Updated Post*. I use to own this exact LP ad but I forgot what was inside. I think it was all in Japanese with some pictures. No soundtrack though 🙁

    @Kenji – When I said Call of Duty, I’m talking about the original Call of Duty game(which also had multiplayer capabilities). I wasn’t talking about Modern Warfare which is totally different. I’m sure he touched down on many different FPS games, but only the ones I mentioned is where he took part in tournaments and clan battles.

Fatal1ty Signed Shirt, Star Fox Signed by Miyamoto and More!

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