Everything you need to know about the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings


Everything you need to know about the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings.

ESports is constantly improving every day, but there is still a lot of work to do. The goal is to increase eSports to global reach, and get mass appeal starting with casual gamers who might not follow esports. To achieve that, people from eSports have to set systematization on a high level. Among all eSports, eFootball is somehow the least systematic. There are many rules and professional tournaments, but it still looks bit chaotic.

It’s not like I want to say that FIFA is doing bad, I just want to claim there is a lot of space for improvement. Considering my previous statement, FIFA decided to introduce one novelty. From this moment, FIFA 19 players and fans have an option of seeing the Global Series Rankings on the platform which FIFA launched.

FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings Platform Esports Professional Gaming Pro League

What is Global Series Rankings and how it works?

Basically, Global Series Rankings represent kind of list with all top players on it. Thanks to EA Sports, you can see a ranking of any top player at any moment. If you want to check how Global Series Rankings look like at the moment, here is the link to the Rankings: https://fifa.gg. As you can see, there are separated rankings lists for XBox and PS4 players. As well as Tennis ATP and WTA rankings, Global Series Rankings will be updated every week.

Global Series Rankings will be updated every Tuesday, after competitive events. Players can earn ranking points in Weekend League, FUT Champions Cup, FIFA eWorld Club Cup, and basically in any other tournament which is part of Global Series.

This new feature in eFootball is a significant improvement on the path of becoming serious eSport. Considering that every real sport has its own ranking lists, this is something that needed to be done. Fact that last season there were about 20 millions of players, from all around the world, confirms that FIFA is enormously popular eSport.

It means that each improvement is beneficial because it will definitely pay off. According to the words of Luis Vicente, the chief of Digital transformation at FIFA, implementing the Global Series Rankings is mandatory. He says that goal of FIFA is professionalization and growth of eFootball. Luis added that it was possible only if particular changes are made. That’s why, today, we have Global Series Rankings. What does Rankings list mean for players and fans?

FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings Players Esports Professional Gaming Pro League

What you need points for and how do you get them?

In other sports, rankings provide many things. The ranking is an indicator of form and results. It is also satisfaction for top players. Among these things, rankings give players better starting positions in tournaments. In FIFA 19, ranking points helps you to reach the pinnacle of eFootball – FIFA eWorld Cup.

In order to reach FIFA eWorld Cup, you need to be in top 16 players at the end of the season. As I mentioned, there are many different ways to earn points.

  1. Weekend League – this method gives you the least amount of points. But it will open you the door to more points. Basically, you gain points by winning matches. You need to win at least 20 matches and every new win will give you more points. You are starting with 3 points, and the maximum you can get in Weekend League is 10. The thing is that FUT Champions of Weekend League with 27+ wins can attend Online Qualifier Tournaments. The good side of the new system is that you just need to win the Weekend League once, afterward you don’t have to worry about results.
  2. Official League Qualifiers and PlayStation 4 Country Tournaments – these tournaments are mostly there to take you to main and live events. They can bring you more points than Weekend League. The winner of the tournament gets 200 points, and players from 17th place to the bottom get 10 points.
  3. Licensed Qualifying Events and Official League Partners – there are 15 Official League Partners as well as many other tournaments hosted by PS, PGL and Gfinity. These events give you a serious number of points. The winner of this kind of tournament earns 850 points, second place receives 450 points, 3rd-4th get 315 points and so on. The worst players earn 40 points.
  4. FUT Champions Cups and FIFA Majors – participating in these tournaments is already a big deal. Only top players can reach main events such as these. So, according to the importance of these tournaments, they give you the most points. The champion of the tournament gets unbelievable 1500 points, player next to him gets 850 points, 3rd and 4th receive 625 points etc. Even the players who didn’t do well in tournaments get a decent number of points. Players bellow 32nd position get satisfying 80 points.
  5. Playoffs – As I said, only top 16 players can attend FIFA eWorld Cup. It means that Playoffs cannot place you in eWorld Cup directly, but it can give you crucial points for the end of the race. It is not so important to win the Playoff to earn the points, but it is important to not allow your rivals to earn them. Winning the main prize in Playoff gives you amazing 1800 points. Vice-champion gets 1080 points, third and fourth players get 720 and so on. Therefore, this is a good chance to catch the last train to the final event, especially if you did badly in previous tournaments.

Here is the table of points distribution and detailed explanation of how a system works:

FIFA 19 Global Series Distribution Ranking System Table Esports
Image courtesy of fifa.com

** The Official Rules of FIFA 19 Esports can be found on www.futchampions.com

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