Everything You Need to Know About January FUT Champions Cup

January FUT Champions Cup Esports FIFA 19 Tournament Event Gaming
Image source: EA

January FUT Champions Cup has kicked off in Bucharest today. There are 64 players from various countries competing for the biggest trophy. Here, you will get an explanation of the tournament’s format and rules, tournament schedule and roster, info for watching the event, and brief expectations and predictions.

January FUT Champions Cup

Two FUT Champions Cup have already been played this season, and another major event is ongoing. The qualification system of January FUT Champions Cup is so demanding and picky, so only the best of the best players came to Bucharest. There are millions of FIFA players out there, and only those who had 27+ wins in Weekend League could take a part in Online Qualifiers. Nevertheless, only 64 of the best managed to secure their place in January FUT Champions Cup. That shows us how tough this competition is going to be, and how good the matches will be.

Format and rules

As all previous Champions Cups, this one will last for three days. It will be held from the 25th of January to the 27th. As mentioned, a total of 64 players will give their best in order to clinch the valuable trophy. They will be separated into two sections per 32 FIFA players: PS4 and Xbox.

The format and rules are identical to the ones in FUT Champions Cup from November in the same city. That means that we will have a Group & Knock-Out Stage tournament, followed by Grand, cross-platform final. Two Groups (PS4 and Xbox) will use the Swiss-system, and for those who are not familiar with that system, you can find an explanation here: Get ready for the upcoming FUT Champions Cup.

This means that the best players will meet the best players in Group Stage. Players will play five matches, and every match will have two games. The first round will be drawn randomly. Every next opponent will be decided due to the players’ results. The intention is that players with the same results have to confront each other. Of course, same players cannot play against each other twice.

The players who win three matches advance further. On the other hand, players who lose their third match get out of the tournament instantly. After the Group Stage ends, there will be 16 players per platform remaining. They will play two games in every round of Knock-Out Stage. The winners of the two sections will cross joysticks in the Grand final, known as cross-platform final when we will get January FUT Champions Cup champion.

Global Series Points and money distribution; Stream links

This is surely what fans and players are most interested in. Global Series points are very important for qualifying to FIFA eWorld Cup, and every single point matters. Those who managed to get to the January FUT Champions Cup will get 150 points. The winners of the platforms’ sections will both earn 1500 points, so from that aspect, the winner of Grand Final doesn’t matter. Here is how all points are distributed:

  • 1st – 1,500 pts
  • 2nd – 850 pts
  • 3rd – 625 pts
  • 5th-8th – 450
  • 9th – 16th – 275 pts
  • 17th – 32nd – 150 pts

However, Grand finalists will undoubtedly give 100% to win the trophy, because the winner of the final will be take home $20,000 more than the loser. The total prize pool of tournament is $200,000. As a result of qualifying for this event, all players have secured $500. Those who make a step further will receive double money. Quarterfinalists will earn $3500, Semi-finalists will earn $7500, and platform finalists will get $15000. Therefore, the winner of the whole event is going to take $50,000, and runner-up is going to win 30,000 US Dollars.

If you are also eager to watch some of the best FIFA players in the World, here are three options to choose from. You can watch the games on EA Sports Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube channel. Here is the full tournament schedule:

January FUT Champions Cup Esports FIFA 19 Tournament Event Gaming EA
Image source: EA

Can someone stop F2Tekkz and Msdossary and end Xbox domination?

It’s quite amazing that only two players clinched trophies in the last four Champions Cups. As you can see those players are young F2Tekkz from the UK and Msdossary from Saudi Arabia. They both are playing on Xbox, and we could say they are already big rivals. First two places on Xbox ranking list are taken exactly by these two players. However, F2Tekkz is far ahead of Msdossary at the moment as he has almost twice as many points as Msdossary does. So, there will be no movements on top of Xbox list.

F2Tekkz January FUT Champions Cup Esports FIFA 19 Tournament Event Gaming EA
Image source: twitter.com/EAFIFAesports

However, the best PS4 players failed to qualify for the January FUT Champions Cup. There will be no Nicolas99, Joksan, and MoAuba, as well as another five players from Top 10. That opens up a path for less known players but also gives more chances to the Xbox side to continue their domination. That also gives a chance to StefanoPinna to overtake Nicolas99FC’s the top spot on PS4 list. But it will happen only if StefanoPinna wins January FUT Champions Cup, and still, he would have a very small advantage over Nicolas.

It is very unlikely that someone will stop Tekkz and Msdossary. Therefore, the real question is who will be better, F2Tekkz or Msdossary? Truly, Msdossary defeated British player back in final of Champions Cup in London, but F2Tekkz triumphed in Bucharest twice last year in December. He has a very positive experience playing in Gfinity Arena, and if these two players meet each other in Xbox final again it will be a very intense match, and will most likely be a real Grand final.

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