NRaseck7 Wins FUT Champions Stage II

NRaseck7 Wins FUT Champions Stage II

On Sunday in Bucharest, NRaseck7 picked up his first-ever international FUT title winning the FIFA 20 Champions Cup Stage II. Nicklas beat Diego ‘Qlash Crazy’ Campagnani in the grand finals to claim the championship.


Who Is Nicklas “NRaseck7” Raseck

Slowly but steadily, NRaseck7 is making a name for himself in the worldwide FIFA community. The German star made his debut in 2013 and 2 years after won the FIFA German Championship in 2015. He became runners-up of the same competition later in 2017. In 2018, he again became runners up, twice at the FUT Champions Cup taking place in Manchester and Barcelona. In the same year, Nicklas booked himself a spot in the Top 8 of the XBOX Playoffs. Despite his achievements, the professional is still a free agent up for grabs.

Road to the finals

Don’t be fooled, NRaseck7’s road to glory last weekend was nowhere near a child’s play. He walked into the tournament with full confidence though. The reason being the fact that he’s the first on XBOX to reach 2400 Rivals skill rating. Raseck completed this milestone earlier this month. Moving onto the tournament, the pro barely made it into the knockout rounds as he lost two of his five group-stage games. What was about to follow required Nicklas to transform into beast mode. He faced the mighty MSdossary in the XBOX quarters and beat him 4-3 on aggregate. Dossary was on a 7-match winning streak before losing to Nicklas.

The surge of confidence after beating MSdossary was much needed as he then faced the fan-favorite Tekkz in the semis. He thumped Tekkz 6-2 on aggregate kicking him out of the competition. He then claimed the XBOX champion title beating Vini ‘Vini’ Leiva Tonetto 2-1 in the console finals. In the grand final of the console champions, it was an even matchup between Crazy and NRaseck. Crazy was the man in form throughout the tournament while Raseck dismantled the likes of Tekkz and Dossary. Eventually, NRaseck7 won both legs of the decider 1-0 to pick up his first silverware of the season.

Being only the 2nd German ever to lift such a title, NRaseck7 is definitely one to watch out for in the FIFA scene now. The German has oozed consistency the last few seasons and it’s time he made his mark in the neighborhood.

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