Premier League Squad for 100,000 Coins FIFA 19

Premier League Squad for 100,000 Coins FIFA 19
Image source: EA sports

If you’re looking to compete in FIFA 19 there’s no better way then to build up a solid Premier League  Squad and Game Life will show you how to do that with only 100,000 FIFA 19 coins.

Squad Building can be a very interesting and sometimes challenging thing. It is amusing but it can take you a lot of time. However, knowing that you can create your own dream team is a great feeling. You can choose your own formation, play style, players etc. FIFA 19 is giving you a chance to get in a manager’s shoes and face tactic and strategy problems. In addition, you are limited by the number of coins you have and players prices. That just makes Squad Building even more engaging and exciting. Here is perhaps the best PL squad you can build for less than 100,000 coins.

GK: Kasper Schmeichel (84) – Leicester City

There are many good goalkeepers you can buy for a similar price, but somehow Kasper stands out. Sure, there’s Bernd Leno, Rui Patrícío, Pickford, Petr Cech, and many others, but Kasper is most cost-effective GK among them. He is a modern goalkeeper with good Reflexes and Diving, and that is what distinguishes him from others.

RB: Nathaniel Clyne (81) – Liverpool

Alongside Nathaniel Clyne, possible solutions for right-back are Trippier, Pereira, Aurier, Bellerin etc. Most of them are perfectly fine options, but Clyne has something “special”. Of course, this is a personal preference so you can choose basically any of previously mentioned players. They are all on the same level. Clyne has the ability to be dangerous during the whole match, and with “Always overlap” instruction he is going to torture the opponent’s left side.

CB: John Stones (83) – Man City

We decided Stones and Baily to be stopper pair. Again, there are numerous alternatives. Many great center-backs left, but you can always buy them additionally, considering that this squad is going to worth much less than 100.000. Sokratis, Laporte, David Luiz, Matip and Lovren are just some of the names from FIFA 19 that couldn’t find a place in our first squad. That doesn’t mean they are not good enough by no means. Stones is a high-quality player with all skills that CB has to have. However, he lacks a little bit aggression and his interceptions skill is not good enough. And that’s the reason why next CB is selected.

CB: Eric Baily (82) – Man United

Baily is a robust player with great physical skills and amazing aggression. He is compatible with Stones, and that’s why we’ve chosen him. Also, it must be mentioned that good squad has to have at least one CB who can exploit the ball to midfield or even further. Baily is not that kind of player so that’s why he has colleague beside him to do that.

LB: Marcus Alonso (82) – Chelsea

Perhaps, this was the only position where we chose player almost instantly. Sure, there are always many other options, and people will complain about player choices all the time, but you should know that this is just a suggestion. This is just one of the best combinations, you can always change variables. The good thing is that defenders are generally cheap, so there are always several good alternatives. However, Alonso is the most decent Left-Back in FIFA 19 for this money. He is very similar to Clyne so you can choose whether you want to set “Always Overlap” or “Balance” instructions for him.

CDM: Eric Dier (81) – Tottenham

Truly, there are better rated CDMs than Dier, but FIFA 19 is not all about ratings. Sometimes you choose one particular player because of his style and specific skills he has. It is good to point out we are going to use the 4-2-3-1 formation with two CDMs. So, we need one CDM who is going to destruct the opponent’s game. In this case, the game destructor is Dier. His Aggression and Strength give you control over midfield. Set instructions for him on “Stay back on defense while attacking”.

CDM: İlkay Gündogan (84) – Man City

If you already have one destructive CDM, another one has to be good with the ball. Gündogan’s passing and dribbling skills are incredible. If Dier is going to spoil opponent’s attempts to create something in the middle of the pitch, Gündogan is going to be the one who creates the game for you. You can choose whether you are willing to be more aggressive and put instructions on “Get Forwards” or to be more cautious and set instructions on “Balanced”.

CAM: Mesut Özil (86) – Arsenal

We decided to open the cash bag when it came to last third of the pitch. It doesn’t mean that defenders are less important, but the prices are just higher for attacking players. Therefore, our first CAM pick is Mesut Özil. In a squad like this, you need to have one playmaker in last third, and that is the best description of Arsenal’s magician. You can blindfold him, but he’ll still find his teammates and send them great balls.

RM: Lucas (82) – Tottenham

It is really hard to find high-quality RM for not so much money. The best we got is Lucas. Sure, Juan Mata is another choice here but is relatively slow and we already have one playmaker in a team. Consequently, Lucas was chosen to be RM in this squad. He is not a weak player at all. His qualities are based on great speed and dribbling skills. Other abilities are decent, but not good enough for the top tier. So, use Lucas’ speed, order him to Get In Behind.

LM: Heung Min Son (84) – Tottenham

Son is one of the best players in PL, and you can buy him for “just” 18.000 coins. It is really cheap for such kind of player. His shooting skills are great, so set instructions for him on “Cut Inside”,  that should provide you with many opportunities to score.

ST: Alvaro Morata (83) – Chelsea

This was probably the toughest decision to make. There are many decent strikers in FIFA 19 for a similar price, but none of them are one of the best. So instead of Lacazette, Jesus, Giroud and others, we chose Morata. He is good with ball enough and also has some other qualities that good striker has to have. Morata has good Heading, Jumping, and of course Shooting skills. That makes him the best choice for our striker.

Squad price: approx 71.050 coins; Rating: 83, Chemistry: 100

With this guide on getting a solid Premier League Squad for only 100,000 FIFA 19 coins will set you in the right direction and perhaps turn you into a pro esports player like Tekkz.

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