Final Fantasy 3 Yoshitaka Amano Painting

I don’t like to do consecutive posts of the same theme since Final Fantasy was the popular topic over the weekend, but an interesting item popped up in my saved searches that was definitely worth mentioning. eBay seller kefkasdomain has an original water color painting by Yoshitaka Amano. Now in case you were wondering why the seller says FF6 instead of FF3, it’s because Final Fantasy 3 here in North America is actually Final Fantasy 6 in Japan, they had more games released there than here.

Now to be honest with you I don’t have much knowledge about Final Fantasy paintings. I’m not sure when they were given out, how much you had to pay for one, and where exactly you can find one but there is also another seller with more than one Final Fantasy painting so there’s a source somewhere.

This painting depicts Terra entering Narshe city. I played this game ages ago, but the one scene I will always remember is the beginning where Terra is riding on the magitek machine and heading into the city. Seller says:

This is an extremely rare, one of a kind Final Fantasy VI Yohshitaka Amano Watercolor Painting depicting Terra(Tina) on her Magitek Armor entering Narshe in the opening scene. This is NOT a numbered/serialized lithograph, serigraph, or other professional print. It is an actual watercolor painting painted by Yoshitaka himself. For those unfamiliar with the difference, a silk screen or serigraph is a printing method where ink is forced through stretched silk on to paper (or other substrate). There are usually a series of these and prints are signed by the artist and numbered from 1/100 to 100/100 along the outside bottom edge of the print – so they are multiples each an exact replica of the other. A watercolor painting is a drawing done with brushes or fingers using special water based thin paints hence one of a kind.Words cannot express how beautiful this piece is in person as is all Amano art work. This painting is interpreted as “En route to Narshe” or as I like to call it “Terra enters Narshe” on her Magitek Armor. The pictures below do not capture the true color of the art, the colors are rich in it’s absorbed material.

The high quality wooden frame is of Museum Quality with acid free matte, UV protectant plexiglass from the best in the world, Tru Vue. Tru Vue is the leader in anti-reflective, glazing. The method used is “preservation mounting” which is the ultimate method. The back has woven wiring for full flexibility. The mat effect is “Shadow” (please view picture below). You cannot get a higher quality frame then this one (Price= $500). The frame itself measures 34 x 28 inches. It adds elegance and charm to any room with it’s sleek look. This is the Holy Grail of Final Fantasy VI collectibles. It’s one of a kind so you wont see this painting color quality other then a print(Litho/Seri) so don’t miss your chance now.

I’ve noticed this seller normally puts up pictures and videos in the beginning of his auctions, I guess it’s to take your focus off the price? πŸ™‚ That would be a neat tactic, but there’s something about paying 7k for a painting that gives me butterflies in my stomach. I would need a Final Fantasy specialist to come in here and comment on this; give a appraisal of some sort. With all that said, this painting is indeed beautiful, and I’m sure any mature gamer who lived through the times of FF3 can find this piece spectacular.

If you are interested in this auction, click here for Final Fantasy VI 6 Original Amano Watercolor Painting.

Other Paintings:

While doing my search, I also found a seller in the UK who’s got three of these paintings! They are not the same as above but still cool. One is of Tifa, the other is of Sephiroth & Aerith and his last one is of Cloud and his gang. Man these things are expensive! I wonder how much the sellers pay for them. Another good question is why they are selling the paintings? Well, some things gotta go so good news for the serious FF collector. Auctions are below:

Final Fantasy VII 7 Sephiroth & Aerith AMANO Painting – “This auction if for a high quality silkscreen print of the ‘FIND’ by Yoshitaka Amano which is limited to just 200! The silkscreen is hand-autographed & serialised by Yoshitaka Amano and also includes a letter of authenticity from the gallery Art Vivant, Co.Ltd.” This is number 116/200. The seller also mentions that “this is for ‘SILKSCREEN’ version not the lower quality ‘Lithograph’ versions. Please be aware of these distinctions.”

Official Final Fantasy VII Amano Tifa RHYTHEM Painting167/200

Official Final Fantasy VII 7 Amano Challenge Painting067/200

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  1. I find it very, very difficult to believe that this is the original watercolor and not a print. This is a well known piece from FFVI (published in Yoshitaka Amano’s “The Sky”). If it IS an original, the seller needs to be giving a provenance, that is, when it was sold from who to whom (ie, bought from Gallery X for Y yen on Z date) in order to ascertain its authenticity.

    PS I own another copy of the “Sephrioth and Aeris” print and it’s lovely (and huge). Though it should be referred as a “print” and not a “painting,” to disambiguate between an original and an authorized reproduction.

  2. This is the type of comment I was looking for :). I’ve also noticed that using the word “paintings” doesn’t make a lot of sense since they are reprints( lithographs – serigraphs). The water color painting does seem far fetched and like you mentioned no other details were given.

Final Fantasy 3 Yoshitaka Amano Painting

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