All Fortnite Bat Signals Locations For Gotham City Challenges

All Fortnite Bat Signals Locations For Gotham City Challenges
  • 3 Fortnite bat signal locations are spread on the west side of the Fortnite battle royale map. You need to light up different bat signals 3 time to complete the Storm Racers challenge. Here is where to find them in the game to complete the challenge.

All Fortnite Bat Signals Locations For Gotham City Challenges

Epic Games has made a number of corrections to improve Season 10. Players were complaining about certain weapons that were added, as well as the overpowered BRUTE: a vehicle that lowered the user experienced online.  Epic did good on their promise to fix up Season X by nerfing the BRUTE and removing certain items while adding new events and skins. Epic Games continues to release challenges in Fortnite, and this time it’s the Gothan City Challenges. It consists of visiting 3 places on the map to light up bat signals in Gotham City. A few days ago data miners leaked out the Gotham City event via Twitter. It proved to be true with the challenges that came out today.

There are 3 Fortnite bat signals across the FN map, with most of the locations at the West portion of the map. Find all 3 telescopes to complete the challenge.

Where are the bat signals in Fortnite

The 3 bat signals are spread across the Fortnite map. All you need to do is find the 3 locations and light the sky up with the Batman logo. There is no prestige challenge this time as it’s a straight forward challenge. The challenge specifically states, “Light up different Bat Signals outside of Gotham City”. A good starting point would be to drop at Junk Junction at the top of the map, this way you can work your way down to Pleasant Park and Snobby Shores.

Once you get to the bat-signal, light up the sky with the Batman logo.

Locations of all Fortnite Bat Signals locations

Here are all the exact locations of every bat signal for the Fortnite Gotham City challenge:

#1. Located in the North West map at Junk Junction (Map location B-2)
#2. Center of the map right next to Pleasant Park (Map location D-4)
#3. West side of the map near Snobby Shores (Map location B-5)
where to light up bat signals in Fortnite Batman
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all bat signal locations:

Fortnite Challenges

If you have missed the Fortnite challenges on Thursday, they were part of the Storm Racers challenge where players need to find Fortnite telescopes, land at Polar Peak, a Volcano and a hill top with a circle of trees, and lastly complete a time trial. There were two time trials to complete in separate games. If you finished the challenges then you completed the Storm Racers challenge. Additionally, players can continue with the Secret Battle Star challenges.  Good Luck to all players and enjoy the Fortnite bat signals challenge!

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