All Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

All Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

10 Fortnite Birthday Cake locations are spread across the Fortnite battle royale map. You need to dance in front of 10 cakes to complete the challenge. Here is where to find them in the game to complete the Fortnite 2nd Birthday challenge.

All Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

Epic Games is hosting a Fortnite 2nd Birthday party today. Introducing the event to celebrate with it’s player base all of what Fortnite has accomplished. While players are continuing to complete the Fortbyte Challenge and the there’s a new daily challenge. This challenge is the birthday cakes challenge. It consists of visiting 10 birthday cakes around the map.

There are 10 birthday cakes spread all over the map, with most of the locations concentrated towards the East side of the map. You do have to find all 10 birthday cakes to complete the challenge, and you need to dance in front of them to unlock the location.

Where are the Birthday Cakes in Fortnite

There are 10 birthday cakes spread across the new Fortnite map, and you need to dance in front of all 10 of the cakes. A good starting point would be either dropping completely South of the map or completely top part of the map (North). If you can successfully drop there, players can easily access all cakes at the places as shown in the map below. Due to how spread out all birthday cakes locations are, it will be very hard to visit all 10 in one game since the storm circle closes in quickly.

Locations of all Fortnite Birthday Cakes

Here are all the exact locations of every birthday cake for the Fortnite challege:

1). North West at Junk Junction (Map location B-2)
2). North of the map inside Pleasant Park (Map location C-3)
3). West side of the map near Snobby Shores (Map location B-6)
4). Middle of the map at the top of Loot Lake (Map location E-4)
5). Far East at Lonely Lodge  (Map location I-5)
6). Top of the desert far East (Map location I-6)
7). South East near the side of Pleasant Palms (Map location I-8)
8). South part of the map in the middle at Fatal Fields (Map location G-8)
9). Located at the middle of the map at Salty Springs (Map location F-7)
10). Situated at Shifty Shafts in the snow section (Map location D-7)
Fortnite 2nd Birthday Challenge Cakes
Source: Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all birthday cakes locations:

Fortnite Season 9’s Birthday Party continues until July 31st, and players are looking forward to new events coming their way such as the Fortnite World Cup event.


So far, Fortnite players have seen the 14 days of summer challenge which has completed. There were the Beach Parties, Giant Beach Balls, Giant Clocks, and Pop Balloon locations. Although the summer event finished, there are a few new challenges released just before the World cup finals. Good Luck to all and enjoy the Fortnite birthday cakes!

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