All Fortnite Cars And Trucks Locations Guide (Spray And Pray Challenge)

All Fortnite Cars And Trucks Locations Guide (Spray And Pray Challenge)

6 Fortnite cars and trucks locations are around the Fortnite map. Players need to find all six. Here is where to find them to complete the challenge.

All Fortnite Cars And Trucks Locations

With the start of Fortnite Season 10, Epic Games wanted to bring in the new, while keeping in touch with the past. They also wanted to take the past, and throw it in the vault (weapons and items). They brought back the meteor from season 4, and made a spin on Dusty Divot. This is all in goal to keep things interesting for players are a massive Fortnite World Cup event and the teasers of season 10. Throw in Fortnite cars and Fortnite trucks, and you have yourself a new challenge. We’ve seen Epic Games introduce the Spray and Pray challenge today, and it’s all about spraying things. We’ve seen billboards sprayed with graffiti,  containers that have secret chests, gas stations challenges and a lost spray can challenge that everyone is going crazy about. Now, Epic Games brings the Fortnite cars and trucks locations challenge. You need to spray 6 cars or trucks for this challenge.

Where Are The Cars And Trucks in Fortnite

There are 6 Cars trucks spread across the Fortnite Season 10 map, with all of them being spread out towards the center of the map, and a few towards the East. To have a good plan in place will help you conquer this challenge. It would be a good idea to start off from the East side where Lonely Lodge is and work your way to the center and then south. The Fortnite cars and Fornite trucks are in plain sight, so you won’t need to do a lot of searching for them. If you take the path mentioned above, this will guarantee you that you can spray the cars and spray the trucks in order. Given how spread out all cars and trucks locations are, it will be very hard to beat this challenge but it is doable.

All trucks and cars in Fortnite guide:

There are a lot of locations for the trucks and cars in Fortnite, but here is the best guide to help you find them and spray them!

1. Land at Lucky Landing where you will find a car to spray. (Exact location is F-10 on the FN map)
2. Glide towards Fatal Fields to find a truck or car to spray. (Exact location is F-8)
3. Head towards Salty Springs to find spray the Fortnite truck. (Location on map is F-7)
4. There is one car to spray at Dusty Depot (Location on map is F-5)
5. Go to Mega Mall on the Fortnite map to find the Fortnite vehicle. (Location on map is H-6)
6. The last cars or trucks location is at Lonely Lodge. (Location on map is I-4)

For those who haven’t finished the first part of the spray and pray challenge can move on to this challenge as it only requires 6 spots to go to.

where are the cars trucks in fortnite
Epic Games
Video of Beach balls Locations

Here is a look at Youtuber HarryNinetyFour, who includes a specific flyby video of All Fortnite Cars And Trucks location:


Other Fortnite Challenges

The newest challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale is the Spray & Pray challenge which consists of players going around the map to spray items. Before that was the road trip missions which didn’t have as many challenges as the S&P challenge we see today. Good luck to all who are attempting to complete the trucks and cars Fortnite challenge.

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