All Fortnite Chest Locations Inside Containers With Windows

All Fortnite Chest Locations Inside Containers With Windows

7 Fortnite Chest Locations Inside Containers With Windows are located around the new Season 10 map. You only need to search for 7. Here is where to find them in the game.

All Fortnite Chest Locations Inside Containers With Windows

With the new Spray and Pray challenge that Epic Games put out today, players are required to go on a frenzy and spray paint as many things as they can. It’s a fun challenge that will get players in the graffiti mood. While players are continuing to complete the spray cans challenge and the gas stations locations, this challenge requires some digging through the map. This challenge is the chest container challenge. It consists of visiting 5 FN containers with chests in them.

There are 7 chest containers are spread across the season 10 map, with most of the locations concentrated towards the center from top to bottom. There daily challenge requires you to only visit 5 of the chests inside a container with windows.

  • *Important*: the Fortnite containers with windows around the map can spawn a chest. So you’ll need to search the same container with windows many times in different games you coin.
Where are the Chest Containers in Fortnite

There are 7 chest containers in the Fortnite map which are spread in the middle. You only need to unlock 5 chests inside the container. A good starting point would be either dropping completely at the top of the map near Pressure Plant or completely bottom part of the map next to Happy Hamlet. By doing this, players can easily access all 5 containers at three locations. Again, because of how spread out all chest container locations are, it will be very hard to visit all 5 in one game depending on how the storm is formed.

Here’s the Fortnite map showing all chest locations:

Epic Games
Here are the locations of all Containers chests with windows:
1. North of the map at Pressure Plant (Map location H-4)
2. Center of the map near Dusty Despot (Map location F-5)
3. South of the map near Happy Hamlet (Map location F-5)
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of All Chest Inside Containers With Windows:

Fortnite Season 10 has more surprises in store for players as the Fortnite World Cup is now over with, and that Epic Games can continue to focus adding content to their game and new updates to improve the game’s mechanics. Currently, there’s a new robotic vehicle that has been taking front news in the Fortnite community due to how strong it is. Epic Games should be looking to nerf the “BRUTE” in order to even up the battle ground.


Fortnite players have seen many challenges heading towards the end of the year. In the summer alone we saw Beach Parties, Giant Beach Balls, Giant Clocks, and unicorn locations. Now, we have seen the road trip missions and currently the spray and pray missions. If you miss any of them, there will definitely be an overtime period. Good Luck to all competing in the above challenge for the Chest Locations Inside Containers With Windows!

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