All Fortnite Dog Houses Locations

All Fortnite Dog Houses Locations
  • 3 Fortnite Dog Houses are located on the FN map and need to be destroyed. Here is where to find them in the Meowscles’ Mischief Challenges.

All Fortnite Dog Houses Locations

One of the challenges everyone looks forward to are the challenges that ask you to destroy things, and in the last task of the day, players need to destroy dog houses. The other two Fortnite challenges was the Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, and Rainbow Rentals areas, and the riding challenge at Steamy Stacks. The last one on today’s list isn’t difficult and can be tried in many different matches. So if you don’t manage to get 3 dog houses in one match, you can try again and the number count will be left off with how many you detroyed from the first match. Additionally, released a limited-time event which is the King Oro Challenges. Complete all the challenges to get the Greed Wrap, Golden Scepter Pickaxe and 400K XP bestowed upon you.

The Dog Houses challenge is part of the Meowscles’ Mischief Challenges.

Where are the Dog Houses in Fortnite?

The Dog Houses are placed at one location on the Fortnite map, so it makes it easier for players to complete it as was the one with Steamy Stacks. There are 3 locations for the Fortnite Dog Houses around the map and they are located close together. The challenge specifically states: “Destroy Dog Houses“. There are other locations for the Fortnite Dog Houses, but below you’ll find the best route in destroying them all. The dog houses will mostly be around homes, so you’ll need to look on the side of all the buildings you see.

Dog Houses Locations

There is no “hard” version and this challenge, but being that this challenge needs to be completed in one game so that it can have its challenges. Here are the Dog Houses in Fortnite:

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Dog Houses Locations can be found at Holly Hedges (B-5 on the map grid):
#1: Land in front of the grey house to find the first Fortnite dog house near the backyard playground.
#2: Right across the grey house you’ll find a brick house. Harvest the bush next to the house to find the 2nd dog house.
#3: Continue down the road where there’s a brown house with a two car garage door. On the side of the house will be the 3rd dog house.

You can probably find many more, but in the challenge, you only need to destroy 3 dog houses and it can be done over multiple matches.

Video of Locations

Youtuber HarryNinetyFour includes a specific flyby video of all Fortnite Dog Houses Locations and how to complete this challenge:

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