All Fortnite Frozen Loot Locations

All Fortnite Frozen Loot Locations
  • There are several Fortnite Frozen Loot Locations in the Fortnite map, and here is where to find them in the Winterfest Challenge.

All Fortnite Frozen Loot Locations

Christmas day was silent in the world of Fortnite. Most gamers and even Epic Games had the day off to spend time with families. Although many gamers would head back to Fortnite Battle Royale, the hard workers behind Epic Games had some time off to enjoy. But the day after Christmas is no exception. Epic is back with another Winterfest challenge that was just pushed out this morning. The week leading up to Christmas day, Fortnite players were able to enjoy a variety of Winfest Challenges such as the “stoke a campfire” challenge, “dance at holiday trees in different locations“, the holiday stocking challenge and the Lt Evergreen Christmas skin challenge. Today, Epic Games released the Fortnite “Open Frozen Loot” locations challenge.

The frozen loot challenge is part of the Winterfest challenge.

Where is the Frozen Loot in Fortnite?

There are many frozen loot locations around the winter part of the Fortnite map. However, there’s one area where you can find many Fortnite frozen loot ice cubes to break. The challenge is rather easy and the challenge on the menu stats, “Open Frozen Loot“.  The Fortnite frozen loot can be found in specific locations around the FN map, and you’ll need to spot the large Fortnite Ice Cubes to break them. You can break the frozen loot with any pickaxe.

Frozen Loot Items Locations

The frozen loot challenge requires you to break ice cubes. There is no “hard” version and this challenge can be completed in one game, and all you need to do is find one area to break several ice cubes. Here is the frozen loot location:

1. Frozen Loot Location #1: Between retail row and misty meadows (Map Grid G-7)

The location on the grid to access all the FN frozen loot is to go to G-7.  You will land on a snowed-in building where there are four frozen loots on top. You just need to simply break them.

location for the Frozen loot in Fortnite

Here is the frozen loot location on the Fortnite map:

Where is the frozen loot in Fortnite
Source: Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all frozen loot items Locations:

Winterfest challenges

It’s not known how long the Winterfest challenges might last as Winter has just started, however, Epic Games has now released several challenges for Winter. Perhaps there might be more to come which would include more “sport-like” events like skiing and skating. If you’ve completed the challenge above you can continue with the other Winterfest challenges. Good luck with the All Fortnite Frozen Loot challenges!

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