All Fortnite Gas Stations Locations

All Fortnite Gas Stations Locations

3 Gas locations spread across the Fortnite map, here is where to find them in the game to complete the Spray & Pray challenge.

All Fortnite Gas Stations Locations

Season 10 in Fortnite is around two weeks in, and players are having fun exploring the changed map. There are some differences compared to other seasons, but players were hoping for an entirely new map which they have not seen yet. This next challenge is the gas stations challenge brought by the Fortnite Spray & Spray. The challenge consists of finding 3 gas stations around the new Battle Royale map. The 3 gas stations are located towards the south, with most of the locations concentrated towards the east side (desert part). It will be easy to visit all gas station locations in one single game because of how equally they are spread out. Additionally, every player has to spray the stations with the spray cans. Hovering over the location will not count towards completing the challenge.

Where are the gas stations in Fortnite

There are 3 gas stations spread across the new Fortnite map, with all of them being concentrated to the south. To start, you could land at either Lucky Landing or Paradise Palms and work your way towards the other side. You can visit the final two gas stations in a later part of a game when the area is empty and has been looted out. This will ensure that you won’t see enemies at those locations. Since the locations are close together, you shouldn’t have any trouble completing the Spray and Pray challenge.

where are the gas stations in fortnite
Epic Games

Also to note, the other simple challenge to complete is the all Fortnite lost spray can one. These are self-explanatory and are the same for every Fortnite task.

Here are the locations of all beach parties

1. South on top of Lucky Landing spot (Map location F-9)
2. North West, between Pleasent Park and Loot Lake (Map location G-9)
3. Middle of the map near the bottom right of Neo Tilted (Map location I-8)
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of All gas station locations:

The gas station challenge guide is one of the easiest challenges in season 10, as the first challenge with the stop signs required you to find 10 signs across the Fortnite map. This was the prestige challenge as the easier challenge asked for players to just destroy 7 stop signs overall. The other challenge was just asking you to land on the skull of Cattus (Doggus vs Cattus event from season 9).

Fortnite World Cup

With the Fortnite World Cup completed, and Bugha as the champion of the world, players were wondering when will the next Fortnite esports event take place.  At the moment, there are not many scheduled competitive events to look forward to as Epic Games is focusing on user experience and adding new items to the game. Good Luck to all competing in the above challenge, and enjoy the Fortnite gas stations guide!

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