All Fortnite Grills Locations

All Fortnite Grills Locations

8 Grills locations spread across the Fortnite map, here is where to find them in the game.

All Fortnite Grills Locations

With Fortnite Season 9 going strong, and players have seen an array of challenges and daily tasks. On-going is the Fortbyte Challenge, while the Secret Battle Star And Banner challenge just wrapped up. The next challenge is to ‘destroy grills’ brought by Epic Game’s Fortnite 14 Days of Summer. The challenge consists of destroying 8 grills around the Battle Royale map using the “Low N Slow” harvesting tool. The 8 grills are spread in two places on the map (far West and far East). It will be hard to visit both grills locations in one single game because of how spread out they are. Additionally, every player needs to have equipped the “Low N Slow” tool to destroy the grills.

Where are the Grlls Located in Fortnite

There are 8 grills spread across the new Fortnite map, with them located either far East or Far West. To complete this challenge, you need to destroy 7 grills overall. It does not have to be in the same game, otherwise, this challenge would be incredibly hard to do. A good start to complete the daily task is to head first to Paradise Palms. There you will find all Fortnite grills (4 in total). Once you’ve destroyed all four grills at Paradise Palms, you can head to Snobby Shores in another game which is located South of that location. There, you will find 4 grills as well to destroy, but keep in mind that you only need to destroy 7 in total and that there will be other enemies around trying to eliminate you on the battle royale map.

Destroy Grills with the Low N Slow Harvesting Tool Challenge
Epic Games

Here are the locations of all grills:

  1. West on the Fortnite map, South of Snobby Shores where there are four grills (Map location A-5)
  2. South East of the Fortnite map where Paradise Palms is. There are 4 fortnite grills there (Map location I-8)
Video of Locations

Video of All Grills locations in Fortnite:

The 14 days of summer has 7 days left, with most the of the challenges already completed by players. However, there is one Season 9 challenge on-going which is the Fortbyte challenge.

Other 14 Days of Summer Challenges

Epic Games has been very good with Season 9, keeping things fresh for their user base and providing a large amount of updates and content. During their summer days event they’ve had a number of challenges. Here are the challenges we’ve seen up till now:

  • Beach Parties
  • Unvaulted Weapons
  • Giant Beach Balls
  • Fortnite Clocks
  • Pop Party Balloon Challenge
  • Unicorn Floaties
  • Water Balloon Challenge
  • Giant Beach Umbrella
  • Fortnite Fireworks
  • Solar Array Locations
  • Carnival Clown Board
  • Huge Rubber Ducky
  • Tiny Rubber Ducky

These’s plenty of more challenges to come, and at the rate of which Epic Games is going at, the developers aren’t looking to stop any time soon. We’ll keep you updated with all the Fortnite Summer Event challenges.

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