All Fortnite Propane Tanks Locations

All Fortnite Propane Tanks Locations
  • Destroy 10 structures with Fortnite Propane Tanks at the Rig on the FN map, and here is where to find them in the TNTina’s Trial Challenges.

All Fortnite Propane Tanks Locations

This week’s challenges are all about exploding things and finding locations associated with blowing things up. Epic Games continues to pack on some great challenges and today is proof of that. The challenges are still part of TNTina’s Trial. Last week, the Brutus’ Briefing Challenges proved to push players to the limits and introducing the special ops of the Ghosts and Shadows. Fortnite has new locations around the map, and they continue to be utilized in the weekly challenges. In this post’s challenge, players need to find Propane Tanks at The Rig.Once they find the Fortnite Propane tanks, they need to destroy structures to complete the mission.

The Propane Tanks challenge is part of the TNTina’s Trial Challenges.

Where are the Propane Tanks in Fortnite?

The Propane Tanks are actually all located at the same location on the FN map. The Oil Rig is where you will find the Fortnite tanks to blow things up with.. The challenge specifically states: “Destroy Structures with Propane Tanks“. When you glide towards the Rig, you’ll want to go towards the outer T-shaped building near the water. There, you’ll find a box covering the secret entrance to the room holding all the kaboom tanks. Simply destroy the box and kneel your way into the secret room. You’ll see propane tanks around the room. Pick one up and bring it outside.

Once you head outside with the ka-boom tank, you’ll find a wooden build where you can throw the tank under it. In order to blow up the structure, you’ll need to shoot the Fortnite propane tank for it to ignite. It will then blow up and that will count towards the 10. You’ll need to do this 9 more times within the game to complete the challenge.

There is no “hard” version and this challenge, but being that this challenge needs to be completed in one game can be challenging. Here is the Fortnite Tanks location:

Propane Tanks Locations:
#1: The Rig – Enter the outhouse to find the hidden house (B-7 on the map grid).

Here is the map of the Propane Tanks location on the Fortnite map:

Where are the Propane Tanks in Fortnite
Video of Locations

Youtuber HarryNinetyFour includes a specific flyby video of all Fortnite Propane Tanks Locations and how to complete this challenge:

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