Fortnite Rarest & Hard To Find Skins You MAY Never Get

All Fortnite Rarest Skins

Here are 10 of the rarest Fortnite skins to ever be showcased in the Fortnite Item Shop.

You might be lucky enough to own some of them, and if not, time will tell if they will ever be showcased again in the shop for you to pick them up. This article will cover some of the rarest skin details and their chances of ever returning to the item shop.

First, you may be wondering…

What is The Rarest Fortnite Skin?  As of July 2019, the rarest Fortnite skin is Season 1’s Recon Expert, which was last showcased in the Fortnite item shop on November 11th 2017. The Recon Expert was released as a Rare Outfit with a purchase price of 1200 Vbucks. The Recon Expert is currently the rarest Fortnite skin available for purchase, having been showcased only twice in its shop history. There are no confirmations if the skin will ever return for purchase.

Fortnite Rarest Skin Recon Expert
Currently the rarest skin for purchase: Recon Expert

Different Fortnite Skin Rarity

There are now close to 500 skins available for FNBR. The first skins were released to the public for purchase only in the item shop during Fortnite’s first season, back in October 2017.  Since then, challenges, bundles, tier unlockings and code redemptions have been added as means for players to unlock unique skins. Once an unlockable skin has passed its deadline, there are no ways for players to ever go back to unlock them.

Rarest Fortnite Item Shop Skins

Skin rarity is determined on numerous factors with the most important being the “last time seen in the item shop” and “number of occurrences”. Popular skins will be featured numerous times in the item shop over a period of days, months and years.

Less popular selling skins might make a short appearance in the item shop and then never return. Although deemed as less popular because of low their low sale stats, these item shop skins are deemed “Rare” because they might never be showcased again.

Another important factor when considering rare Fortnite skins is “Holiday Skins.” Epic releases outfits in the item shop that relate to its closest Holiday. A skin collector must pay close attention around a Holiday season because of the fact that skins will only be available for a short time and if not popular, may never return to the item shop again. These outfits fall under the rare Fortnite skins category because of their short time span and occurrence but more importantly the unknown if they will ever return to the shop.

What Are The Rarest Fortnite Item Shop Skins?

1 Recon Expert
2 Ghoul Trooper
3 Grimbles
4 Far Out Man
5 Heidi & Ludwig
6 Dante and Rosa
7 Krampus
8 Sugarplum
9 Heartbreaker
10 Marshmello

Here is a closer look at the top 10 rarest item skins as of July 2019

1. Recon Expert Skin
Recon Expert Rare Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Last seen in item shop on November 11th 2017

The Recon Expert is currently the longest-lasting skin, last seen in the item shop back in Season 1. It does not look like the Recon Expert will ever make its way back into the shop because the skin was followed up by the Recon Scout and Recon Specialist. Both those skins were also released in November 2017 and continue to make occurrences in the item shop. However, the Recon Expert had only 2 item shop occurrences and has not been showcased since 2017. It is highly doubtful the skin will ever return.

2. Ghoul Trooper Skin
Ghoul Trooper Rare Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Popular Skin During Fortnite’s first Halloween season but has not been seen since Nov 2017

The Ghoul Trooper skin is the sister to one of Fortnite’s most popular skins ever, the Skull Trooper. However, unlike the Skull Trooper who made his return to the item shop during the 2018 Halloween season, the Ghoul Trooper did not. She was last seen on November 27th 2017, making her the second-longest skin without an item shop return. Unlike the Recon Expert, Fortnite fans will get an answer just how rare the Ghoul Trooper is when Halloween comes around. If the Ghoul Trooper is not added into the item shop this Halloween season, chances are she will never return and will continue to hold her rank as one of the rarest item shop skins.

3. Grimbles Skin
Grimbles Rare Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Grimbles was featured for only 24 hours.

One may wonder why a new skin like Grimble is considered a Rare skin? Simple, it’s not about when the skin was released but how accessible the skin is to players and will it ever return.

Grimble was a Christmas 2018 holiday skin, with the major difference being the skin was only featured for 24 hours on Dec23rd 2018 and never returned. Out of all the newer Item Shop skins over the past 18 months, Grimble is the only skin to have been displayed for just 1 day. Because Grimble was a seasonal skin, there is no guarantee he will ever return as there are many other popular and newer skins ready to hit the item shop for the busy Christmas season.

4. Far Out Man Skin
Far Out Man Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Far Out Man approaching 1 year since last seen.

Another seasonal skin was the not so popular Labor Day skin, Far Out Man. The skin was added to the item shop for Sunday and Monday of the 2018 Labor Day weekend and has yet to return Although considered a seasonal skin, his outfit style could have been added back to the store on multiple occasions since but has never happened. The skin was not a popular choice hence don’t expect to ever see it again. You had 48hours to buy him in 2018 and chances are the “Peace Dude” skin is gone for good.

5. Ludwig & Heidi Skins
Ludwig and Heidi Rare Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Oktoberfest 2018 Holiday Skins

The Oktoberfest festival is held for 2 weeks, covering the last week of September and the first week of October. Epic made sure to cover the Volkfest festival in 2018 by adding the Ludwig and Heidi skins. They were showcased on only 3 occurrences in the item shop, the last being at the end of October. The skins have not returned since and Fortnite skin collectors will have to keep their fingers crossed that the duo makes a return for this year’s festival at the end of September.

6. Dante & Rosa Skins
Dante and Rosa Rare Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Day of The Day Mexican Holiday skins Dante & Rosa

It’s very clear the Dante & Rosa skin’s main purpose was for the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead”  heald during the first weekend of November. The skins entered the item shop on November 2nd 2018 and remained for 48hours before being pulled and never added back. The skins are visually impressive as their skull paint matches its Holiday history perfectly. Both skins also glow in the dark. It’s shocking to see the skins were never added back to the item shop after the 2018 “Day of the Dead” Holiday. Fortnite skin collectors will have to wait and see if Epic decides to return the duo for this year’s holiday or are they now a piece of Fortnite history.

7. Krampus Skin
Krampus Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Will controversial Christmas skin Krampus ever make a return?

Christmas time is where new skins are practically showcased on a daily basis. They are short-lived and if you miss buying them the first time, chances are you won’t see them again. Because there are so many skins during Christmas, they can’t all come back the following year.

Krampus, considered the Christmas skin, because of his showcasing on Dec 24th and December 25th, was widely regarded as a controversial skin because of his “horror” appearance during a happy time of year. As most of the other Christmas skins were created on comedy, Ginger Gunner, or angels, Glimmer, Krampus was not as popular as one would think. There are high chances his first Christmas party was his last.

8. Sugarplum Skin
sugarplum Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Sugarplum, the last of the Christmas skins.

This skin is one of the last new skins to be featured for the 2018 Christmas holidays. Just like other holiday-themed skins, her stay was short. She entered the item shop after Christmas on December 30th and was removed by January 1st. Unlike her main Christmas rival Glimmer, Sugarplum’s popularity was very disappointing and there are slim to no chances she returns for next Christmas.

9. Heartbreaker Skin
heartbreaker Fortnite Skin Item Shop
Will Mr Love return for next year’s Valentine Holiday?

Although fairly new, the Heartbreak “Mr Love” skin was featured for Valentine’s day over a 48 hour period. Just like all other holiday skins, he was pulled down and has not re-entered the item shop since. If you were out on a date or away from Fortnite during Valentine’s day, then the Heartbreaker slipped away.

Many questions will be answered about Skin rotation during the upcoming holiday seasons. The main question will be, does Epic make new holiday skins and vault the previous ones? or do they return last year skins for a limited time?

10. Nitehare
Nitehare Fortnite Skin Item Shop
The Nitehare skin creeped out Fortnite fans for 48hours.

Nitehare had a short 48hour  item shop presence for the Easter Holiday. His eerie look was publicly criticized on social media as Nitehare was removed from the Item Shop on April 21 2019 and never returned. It is very unlikely that the creepy skin will make a return next Easter, making it a young, but rare skin that fans will probably never have a chance to buy again. Consider yourself lucky if you purchased it during its short stay.

So there you have it, a recap of some of Fortnite’s rarest skins to ever hit the item shop. There is no official sources on how skins are chosen to be recycled into the item shop, but trends clearly show the probability of certain skins returning or not.

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