All Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses Locations

All Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses Locations
  • 5 Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses are located on the FN map, and here is where to find them in the Brutus’ Briefing Challenges.

All Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses Locations

This week’s challenges are out for Fortnite, and Epic Games has an interesting take on them. The challenges are still part of Brutus’ Briefing where last week the challenges were around discovering the new locations that were put in the new season 2 of Chapter 2. Fortnite has new locations around the map, including places like the rig, the shark building and the drop cave. In this particular challenge today, players need to find safe houses around the FN map. The thing with the safe houses is that they are meant to be discovered, meaning that they are not out in the open for people to see them.

The Shadow Safe Houses challenge is part of the Brutus’ Briefing Challenges.

Where are the Shadow Safe Houses in Fortnite?

The safe houses are not easy to find on the Fortnite map, making this challenge a little more difficult than what we’ve seen in the past. There are 5 locations for the Fortnite safe house around the map. The challenge specifically states: “Find SHADOW Safe Houses“. The location of the Fortnite safe houses are spread out nicely on the map, so it won’t be easy to find all 5 of them in one game given the dynamics of each match. In the past, certain locations for challenges would be in close proximity, but this challenge today is spread out. You’ll most likely need to play a bunch of matches before being able to have the right match where everything does your way.

Shadow Safe Houses Locations

The safe house challenge requires you to find secret houses in Fortnite. There is no “hard” version and this challenge, but being that this challenge needs to be completed in one game definitely makes it hard. Here are the shadow houses in Fortnite:

Shadow Safe Houses Locations:
#1: Pleasant Park – Enter the outhouse to find the hidden house (D-2 on the map grid).
#2: East of Frenzy Farm – Enter Portable camping toilet inside the washroom (G-4).
#3: East of Craggy Cliffs – enter garbage dumpster outside lookout building (F-2).
#4: North of Misty Meadows – Enter building where the safe house is located (E-7).
#5: North of Holly Hedges – Enter cabin to find get inside safe house (B-4).

Here is the map of the Shadow Safe Houses location on the Fortnite map:

where Shadow Safe Houses in Fortnite


Video of Locations

Youtuber HarryNinetyFour includes a specific flyby video of all Fortnite Shadow Safe Houses Locations and how to complete this challenge:

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