All The Fortnite Season 10 Map Changes

All The Fortnite Season 10 Map Changes

Fortnite Season 10 is here and there are some map changes that came with it. We will take a look at these map changes and point them out.

All The Fortnite Season 10 Map Changes

Fortnite Season 10 teasers started with some interesting hints. For example, the first teaser motto of “Think Back”. Players were wondering if there were going to get map changes, and well, the sort of did. Map changes are natural for Fortnite, and Epic Games is rejecting the idea of making new maps, therefore, they prefer to use a dynamic map for the game. This map has seen a lot of changes in the past. However, we were expecting something bigger for this season. The teasers and the trailers were all pointing towards a full reverse back to the Season 4 map.

However, we did not get those drastic changes. There are some interesting changes for sure but these changes are much more on a micro level than we thought let us compare the two maps.

Fortnite Season 10 Map Changes
Epic Games

As you can see there are some changes. First of all, we can see that Dusty Depot is back because we have gone back in time before the meteor struck. However, there are meteors falling around the map so be careful.

The_New_Dusty_Depot in Fortnite Season 10
Epic Games

Secondly, we can see great detailed work around the Monster Doggus skeleton with pink shades.

Fortnite Monster Park Doggus Skeleton Head

Also, several factories have returned at the southeast of Dusty Depot. Which always had better loot then the Dusty Depot in the past so be sure to check those locations as well.

Factories South Dusty Depot Fortnite Season10
Epic Games

But the main thing here is the meteor.

Can players land on the Meteor in Fortnite Map?

Yes, players are able to land on the meteor and loot. There are some chests as well as a small underground cave-like entrance and in the middle of the entrance, players can see a capsule related to the story of the game. The players will not take fall damage as the meteor acts like a low gravity place.

Fortnite_Inside_Meteor Season 10
Epic Games
Rift Zones

Epic Games is introducing the Rift Zones into the game. The statement is ” The Zero Point Explosion has made the island volatile! Locations once thought to be lost are beginning to appear, but they aren’t the same as they once were. Drop-in and explore to discover what mysterious gameplay changes they have in store.

This means the map will be much more fluid and harder to get used to. But it can be also fun if it is implemented nicely.

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