Best Fortnite Block Party Submissions Of The Week

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Lets take a look at the best Fortnite Block Party submissions of the week as new ones have been pouring as Fortnite community patiently waits for a winner to be announced

This is week 2 of our Best Fortnite Block Party Submissions. We all know what the Block Party consists of and how big of a project it is for Epic Games. It allows the fans to give back and show their creativity. Furthermore, it also creates a bond between the game developers and the fans.

Thus far, we have seen some very interesting submissions. Without further ado, lets take a look at this week’s most unique designs.

High City

This creation is enormous, when you see the buildings they are massive. It has many rooms and many different areas inside of it. There are towers and many walls where you can take cover. It also contains typical office areas and even a library. This creation would set up for amazing end game 1v1’s. Even though Epic games put a memory cap for the Block Party the creator of this design assured that it is within the limits.

Here we have the High City by Wayne@dirtysteve17.

Babylon Blow

Babylon Blow is definitely one of the most unique creations we have seen so far. This extravagant creation is a replica of the gardens of Babylon. It has a huge tree inside of it and looks like it would fit in perfectly with Lucky Landing. The creation has that Asian feel to it with dragons and curved roofs. It also has some very interesting landing spots that will guarantee some intense early fights.

Here we have Babylon Blow by Djam4tik @djam4tik.

Crooked College

This concept looks amazing and would surely be a popular landing spot. The only thing holding this creation back is it’s a “School Theme” and guns and schools don’t mix. Because of this, it will hurt this or any type of school ever making into the actual game. With gun violence in schools being a major problem, there would surely be uproar by public figures if this type of infrastructure would ever be introduced into the map. The creativity and concept is still amazing, this being probably one of the cleanest creations we have seen so far.

Here we have Crooked College by Hockey Dudes Fort @DudesFort.

Fortnite Block Party is going on full speed and we cannot wait to see which creation will fill The Block.

Submitting An Entry

It’s very simple using twitter, submit your creations using: #FortniteBlockParty. You can read the official rules on Epic’s website

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