Best Fortnite Block Party Submissions

Best Fortnite Block Party Submissions

Fortnite players spending hours in creative mode with hopes of being chosen for their Block Party submissions these are the best so far

With the addition of Creative Mode in Fortnite players are creating some amazing islands. This tool lets players create their dream maps in the Fortnite settings and surroundings. The creativity level comes down to a players imagination.

Players are able to change tiles in the map and use nearly every building in the Fortnite Universe for their creations. The map creations submitted for The Block Party will be featured in the game as part of the island.

Some players have went above and beyond with some amazing maps. Today we will be looking at three of our picks that merit huge credit.

Call of Duty Nuketown Remake

Anyone who has ever played Call of Duty knows Nuketown. Easily a fan favorite, this map was first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops. The map is best known for amazing fast-paced games. Because of its popularity, developers made multiple remakes of it. The map is still featured in the Call of Duty series.

Here we have an amazing remake made by Chrisy Chris. @Mr_xKaneki

Hockey Arena

A hockey arena might be an amazing addition to Fortnite. When we consider that the Season 7 theme is Snow and Ice, it would be a perfect fit. There is a scoreboard and even dressing rooms for the teams, that will probably be filled with chests.

The Hockey Arena also includes stands for the fans. This map would be a great addition to The Block

Here is a view of the map by creator AceOfSnipes, @AceOfSnipes

The Llamasaurus

One of the most interesting map designs is definitely ”The Llamasaurus”.

This interesting design is a giant Mechanized Llama Dragon. This giant Mechanized Llama Dragon has five levels inside of it and several different entrances as well. However, It’s not complete yet but when it is, will surely be something that stands out.

The Llamasaurus made by Stormhawk, @Storm4Hawk

Submitting An Entry

It’s very simple using twitter, submit your creations using: #FortniteBlockParty. You can read the official rules on Epic’s The Block page.


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