Best Fortnite World Cup Win – Mongraal Has Amazing 16 Kill in the Qualifier

Best Fortnite World Cup Win - Mongraal Has Amazing 16 Kill Qualifier

The Fortnite World Cup finals are coming soon. But the qualifying phase is already showing us an amazing play by Mongraal who pulls an amazing finish for the victory.

Mongraal is the Top European Fortnite Player

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson is one of the best and youngest talent among Fortnite Pro players. He is simply playing on a whole different level. Mongraal recently joined Team Secret, a well established esports organization with a strong presence in Fortnite. He recently announced via his Twitter page that he was going to compete in this weekends World Cup.

Many European Fortnite fans were excited by this annoucement since Europe, until now, did not do very well in the Fortnite Esports Arena. However, unlike North American players European players are much younger.

Mongraal is only 13 years old. On top of it, another European player MrSavage is only 14. The rules changed now and younger players can participate in the big tournaments. Mongraal is one of the best players in the world, and will definitely help the European side. He was in second place with his duo partner Mitr0 on Fortnite World Cup EU-Week 2. He was also in 3rd place on duos over at World Cup Warm Up. Currently, without a doubt, he is in top shape, and the proof is all in the video below.

Best Fortnite World Cup Win – Mongraal Has Amazing 16 Kill Qualifier

Mongraal recently had one of the most impressive showings at any Fortnite World Cup match. He had a 16 kills which is an amazing achievement at this level of competition. Mongraal gathered 76 points and currently is in the lead in EU. Players who play against Mongraal are generally other Pro players so this makes this achievement even more amazing. Let us check his last several kills and get the Victory Royale.

As you can see, Mongraal did some amazing eliminations. On top of it, he made these eliminations look easy. As the commentators calling the shots said, Mongraal has amazing awareness and aimbot like shots. Of course, his talents are widely acknowledged by the Fortnite community so it wasn’t a huge surprise that he was able to get those sort of kills, however, the way he got the kills in this match was impressive enough, even to the commentators. However, will he be able to pass MrSavage?

This is a very tough question. He can certainly surpass him in Qualifying Phase but the finals are going to be tough on all these players without a doubt. We are only hoping that Epic Games does not change anything in the middle of the tournament as they did in the Winter Royale.

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