Bizzle Shares Controversial Opinion on Fortnite World Cup

bizzle on fortnite world cup
Source: Epic Games

Bizzle thinks the majority of Fortnite World Cup players should be North American. Does he have a point?

Bizzle Shares Controversial Opinion on Fortnite World Cup

Fresh off his 4th place finish at ESL Katowice, Bizzle voices his thoughts about what the best structure would be for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup. Epic Games has yet to confirm any official formats leading up to the July event. What we do know is that the qualifiers will be held online, running for 10 weeks, from April 13 to June 16th. The end result will be 100 solo players and 50 duos, heading to New York City in July to compete for the 30 million dollar prize pool.

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Bizzle on World Cup

With no formats confirmed, Bizzle mentions on stream that if World Cup wants to be the most competitive, it should have 75% of its players from North American and the other 25% split among the rest of the continents. Here is the clip of Bizzle talking World cup:

Bizzle’s remarks are very subjective and it did not take much time for Twitter to react and give their own thoughts:

The most interesting part of Bizzle’s remarks is the fact that Europe itself has a population of over 770 million. It would not make sense to have only 25 players out of 100 represent the world outside of North America.

It will be interesting to see how Epic will divide the qualifications as there is potential for North America to take in a larger percentage. However, Bizzle’s idea of 75% is much too high.

Game Life will continue to monitor the status of the Fortnite World Cup and provide updates as they arise.

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