Should Boomboxes Be Removed From Fortnite?

should fortnite boombox be removed from the game after the update nerf

Ninja has been one of many streamers who are complaining about Boomboxes even after it’s latest nerf. 

UPDATE: Boomboxes are now Vaulted with V.730 patch. They have been replaced with Bottle Rockets. Here is what you need to know: Comparing Fortnite Bottle Rockets to Boomboxes

Fortnite Battle Royale is entering another phase right now. It happens in all the major gaming franchises that have a huge user base. Users are asking for more, and the game companies are trying to answer. This can be seen with CoD games (weapon, map updates), Battlefield and even Rainbow Six Siege. However, this can be counter-productive as many proiminant gaming figures can either love the updates, or hate it. If popular gamers don’t like an update, the whole gaming community will hear about it.

It’s not necessarily about sending a message to stop playing the game. It can be a simple message to developers to slow down on their updates. When there are many major changes done in a month, pro players find it hard to adjust themselves. Let us take a look at the recent major changes.

The most interesting change was perhaps the Ice Biome that came with the Season 7. However, with it came the not so popular the X-4 Stormwing. The planes are still a very touchy subject to talk about because they are getting nerfed with every update.

Afterwards, we had the Infinity Blade, the most overpowered broken piece of weapon in the game. Epic admitted messing up later and it was later taken down. We now we have the boomboxes new nerf wave scapegoat.

Will The Boombox Last?

The following changes occurring with the new update:

Boombox adjustments:

  • Drop rate reduced by 33%.
  • Health reduced from 600 to 400.
  • Duration reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds.

BCC released a video showing a fan surprising everyone with a “VAULT BOOMBOXES” design. Ninja caught wind of the clip and chuckles while watching it.

The Boombox is the most meta breaking item in the game right now. What makes Fortnite different and unique is certainly the building. However, the Boombox destroys that aspect and Pro players know it. Pro players seem to want more changes to the boombox and have it completely removed. CourageJD voiced his frustration along with hundreds of other streamers.  Do you believe that Epic Games will vault another item in one month?

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