Bounce On Fortnite Bouncy Objects In Different Matches Locations

Bounce On Bouncy Fortnite Objects In Different Matches Locations
  • There are several bouncy objects in different locations of the Fortnite map. To complete this challenge, you need to bounce on bouncy objects in different matches.

Bounce On Fortnite Bouncy Objects In Different Matches

Epic Games has released its weekly challenges, and today they’ve put out six new challenges that will keep Fortnite players busy for the upcoming weekend. The new challenges are part of the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges. So far we’ve seen the mountain base camps challenge, rainbow rentals locations, the hidden gnome challenges, and the no swimming signs challenge. Each challenge is different, pushing players out of their comfort zones and allowing them to explore the melted map from the Winterfest events. Additionally, the last challenge on the list requires players to Bounce on bouncy objects in different matches.

What does that exactly mean? We will tell you below so keep reading on. 

Where are the Bouncy Objects in Fortnite?

The challenge may seem a little difficult, especially if you don’t know which bouncy objects to bounce on. But essentially the challenges stats, “Bounce on Bouncy Objects in Different Matches“. This challenge requires you to play more than one match and is probably the more time-consuming challenge out of the ones released today by Epic Games for the 8-Ball vs Scratch challenges.

Where are the bounce objects?

#1 Location: Fortnite Bouncy objects are located at Sweaty Sands (B-3 on the FN Map Grid)
where are the bouncy objects in Fortnite
Source: Epic Games

You’ll need to go to Sweaty Sands in 3 matches and go to the same area. You’ll be looking for umbrellas that you can bounce on. Bounce on the umbrellas in 3 different matches and you’ll complete the challenge.

Here is a video of  the Fortnite Campfire Location:

Other Fortnite Challenges

Epic Games released a total of 6 challenges today (Hidden Gnomes can be combined in one). If you’ve completed the bouncy objects challenge above, you can move onto the other 5 challenges. Good luck on completing the bouncy Fortnite objects challenge!

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