Collect 100 Material In Fortnite Challenge Guide [Smash and Grab]

Collect 100 Material In Fortnite Challenge Guide [Smash and Grab]
  • The new Smash and Grab challenge asks Fortnite players to Collect 100 of Each Material Within 60 Seconds of Landing on the FN map. Here’s how to complete the challenge.

Collect Material

The new Fortnite challenge is the Smash and Grab, and it continues in the long list of challenges in Season X. Epic Games continues to role out challenges every week, despite the controversy surrounding their BRUTE introduction. Additionally, there’s the Secret Star Banners Challenge that is on-going on a weekly basis which players can compete. Today’s challenge is the Fortnite materials challenge. Players are required to collect 100 material in Fortnite.

There are many places to find material, but the best place would be at Junk Junction where there are loads of material laying around to smash and grab. Players could go to the Robot factory location, but Junk Juction is a safer bet.

Where are the materials to smash in Fortnite

Players new to collect 100 material in the Fortnite map, and they need to do so within 60 seconds of landing. The best way to complete the material challenge in Fortnite is to land near the clock tower where there are lots of fortnite material to harvest within 60 seconds. But there are other areas at Junk Junction to harvest material.

There is no difficulty (or prestige) challenge as players can complete this material challenge in one sitting. The best game mode to do this new challenge would be in the Team Rumble challenge as material spawns are guaranteed.

Locations of all Fortnite Materials

Here are all the exact locations of every material for the Fortnite challenge:

1). Fortnite Materials are located at Junk Junction on the Season 10 map. Exact location: B-1
where are materials Material In Fortnite Challenge
Epic Games
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of all material locations:



In season 10, players saw many challenges such as the:

  • stop signs
  • Durrr Burger head and Dinosaur locations
  • lost spray cans
  • gas stations
  • Spray Fountain, Junkyard Crane And Vending Machine Locations
  • All Fortnite Chest Locations Inside Containers With Windows
  • Fortnite Graffiti Covered Billboard
  • Cars and Trucks Locations
  • Cube Memorials Locations
  • Foraged Mushrooms
  • Secret Season 10 Battle Star Locations
  • All Fortnite Glitched Foraged Items Locations
  • 30 seconds chest challenge

These are all the challenges so far in Season x, and as you can see there are lots of them. Most of these challenges were time limited, however, the secret star challenge is on a weekly basis, and players who have completed everything can continue to move onto that challenge. Good Luck to all and enjoy the Fortnite material challenge!

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