Comparing Polar Peak Eggs to Fortnite Season 8 Serpent

Fortnite Season 8 Serpent

Comparing of the Season 7 egg mesh versus image of new Fortnite Season 8 Serpent

As Fortnite Season 8 approaches, Epic continues to tease fans with small revelations of what to expect with Season 8. The newest teaser has what appears to be a snake or serpent embedded within a flaming image. What is most revealing is the message that comes with it:

Sssomething shimmers Within the cave… But beware of those Who arrive on waves.

Comparing mesh from Polar Peak Eggs

The message pretty much confirms some sort of presence that will be nested inside a cave, pretty much matching its image of a snake or serpent. With all Polar Peak eggs now vanished, the question is, are they the same creature? This the exact meshing of the figure inside the Season 7 mystery eggs:

Polar peak mystery eggs

Although the new Fortnite 8 teaser is much more details, the arch and shape of the creature look to be the same.

Multiple Serpents?

Polar Peak contained multiple mystery eggs, however Epic’s message sounds like they might be referring to a single creature. There is also the question of the Cave location. The addition of new fissures and daily earthquakes combined with the melting of Polar Peak is the best bet on how a caves will be formed.

Role of the Serpent

Now that Epic has confirmed the presence of some sort of snake or serpent, it needs to be seen if the creature will be introduced as a theme for an event or an item of in-game interaction. Besides the addition of zombies and Thanos, Fortnite has not seen any full season, in-game interactive characters.  The addition of a snake or sea creature would be a first.

With Season 8 right around the corner, theories will continue to float around as speculation grows on what new additions Fortnite fans are going to receive.

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