CourageJD Tries Cizzorz New Death Maze Map 1

CourageJD tries Cizzorz New Death Maze Map 1 Fortnite Battle Roayle
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CourageJD takes a poke at Cizzorz new death maze map and is in for a shocking surprise.

Cizzorz, a top Fortnite streamer, has made a a new and amazingly hard death maze map. Although the code is not yet leaked to the public many pro players have been given the chance to try it out.

Death Maze Map Overview

The start of the map is full of traps, with very little platform room. Players have to  accurately jump to avoid dying. The second part consists of jumping over the traps to make it over to a safe platform. The smallest mistakes will result in instant death. The player has to be extremely patient in the second half of the run. 


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Death maze map 1 is by far Cizzorz most creative and difficult map to date.

He has been busy since death run 1.0, a new map created to test your patient and skill of course. This new Cizzorz project is all about testing how relaxed a player can be while up against the clock to complete for the best time. It’s hard to see what you are doing  because of the angling of the traps, however moves need to be executed quickly to avoid losing ground. 

CourageJD tries the maze

During a recent stream, Courage attempts to complete the maze with a new best time. He seems to be advancing yet does not realize that a wrong turn can set you back to the starting point.

Oh… What is that, bro?”

Courage hits the hard part of the maze when confronted with bookshelves set as walls, that he must jump over, to then avoid some trap corners. As Courage gets out of the trap corner he hits the ice and quickly slides down ramps to his safety.

“I beat It”

Courage immediately starts to clap, thinking he has completed the maze. However, to his surprise, he is informed that his fall actually reset him back to the beginning. Courage then walks away from his PC in disbelief. Here is a clip to see his epic reaction. 

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