Daequan Rants About Fortnite Planes

Daequan fortnite

TSM Fortnite member ”Daequan” Loco got a little carried away while streaming and dying in the game after getting terrorized by an X-4 Stormwing Plane.

Popular Fortnite streamer Daequan is apparently still not able to adjust to the existence of the planes in the game. Daequan ”Daequan” Loco joined  TSM in February 2018. The X-4 Stormwing planes were introduced to Fortnite with the Season 7 patch. The planes addition was considered as a bold move by Epic Games.

Planes Overpowered

The major problem was, planes were introduced in the middle of the Winter Royale tournament. This created a problem between Pro Players and Epic Games. Number two reason, was plane pilots and passengers did not register damage when the plane was shot down. Epic Games later implemented 25 damage to all passengers and the driver if the plane was shot down.

However, the planes are still very overpowered and even harder to manage to shoot down when you are on the ground. The reason is simple.. the machine gun turret on the plane. TSM member Daequan got his share from the planes in today’s stream. He was in the last 10 with 6 eliminations under his belt. He was trying to cover himself from the plane. But with the fire rate of the machine gun turret, the opposing player was able to destroy his structures in a second.

Daequan ”This Game is Trash”

He tried to get away with the Grappler, however, with only 2 charges left, he was not able to build. Therefore he died to the fall damage. He stated to his stream” You got to be kidding me; this game is trash.”

And even when Pros do use planes they still bash them:


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