Dr Disrespect Best Rage Ever? King of Rage Says “I AM LOSING MY MIND”

Dr Disrespects Best Rage Yet King of Rage Says IT'S A STUPID GAME

Dr Disrespect gave Fortnite another chance as he tries to qualify for the World Cup. Playing the Champions League, the Doc gets his best rage ever. 

Fortnite Champion League

As most avid Fortnite players are of, players looking to qualify for the World Cup must gain hype points to unlock the event. All players start at 0 points and are placed in Division 1. As players gain points, based on kills and finishing position, they unlock new divisions.

To reach Champion League, a player must reach 300 hype points. Although Dr Disrespect does not play Fortnite much, his recent stream shows he is on the cusp of reaching Champion League. He is quickly closing in on 300 points and anticipates reaching Champion League in 100 hours of game time. Doc is taking it seriously:


Dr Disrespects Best Rage Yet

Dr Disrespect is trying to reach Champion League while he is pushed by an opponent who pulls out an RPG, blowing Doc away. At first he remains calm but is very aware of the consequences.

First, he was less then 30 points from reaching Champion League, but important, is when the opponent kills him there were only 29 players left. In Arena Mode players are granted points once they hit the top 25. By Doc missing the cut by 4 positions, he loses points.

That is exactly what triggers him. He wasted 15 minutes trying to make sure to get into the top 25 only to be eliminated just short of it. Here it is:

As he gets eliminated, the Doc remembered why he stopped playing the game, and started screaming in the mic.


The Doc was probably more frustrated about the pointing system than the actual kill, which is what triggered him off. Hopefully Dr Disrespect can get back to playing as we’d all like to see him qualify for the Fortnite World Cup.

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