Healthy Addition: Durr Burger consumable coming to Fortnite

Durr burger consumable
source: reddit

Healthy Addition: Durr Burger consumable coming to Fortnite

Early this year, there were reports and confirmed leaks that a Durr burger consumable is coming to the game. Data miners had spotted the leak in a previous update earlier this year.

Later, we found out that the consumable was actually not going to be a part of the game just yet.

@FortTory has tweeted out the following:

The above picture shows a weak rendering and other details of the consumable that is set to make a splash later this season.

Season 4 had similar reports, when data miners suggested that the Durr burger would be a health related consumable. Let’s see how this plays out this time around.

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Raplacing Bandages?

Fortnite players continue their rants on bandages because they give you only 15 HP for a single us with a cap of 75 HP. Bandages are hardly ever held in inventory in Solo matches.

The” slurp juice” was pushed from 50hp to 75hp a couple of months back. The Durr burger might just give you a certain amount of health instantly rather than acting like a slow energy drink.

How much HP is expected on consumption?

Durr burger’s HP totals might be somewhere in between Bandages and MedKits. The introduction of a 50 HP consumable might be what the burger is all about.

What health item will be getting the vault treatment?

Whenever an item is introduced another item gets vaulted over time. We might just see bandages getting the vault treatment if Durr Burger comes into the game. Ideally, instead of a set of bandages of 15hp, you would hold a bag of Durr burgers, with each burger awarding 20hp with a max of 100hp.

Let us keep an eye on how this unfolds.


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