Epic Games Is Asking: Motorboat On Land?

Epic Games is Asking Motorboat On Land
  • Epic Games is asking whether players want motorboats to ride on land through their Twitter page. If Epic implements this, will it be good for the game?

Fortnite Chapter 2 is here and we have seen many changes to the game. The game is still the same, however, a different map and many different elements changed the way we play the game. We have seen a very interesting addition like weapon upgrade benches coming with Chapter 2. This eliminated the RNG element of finding a really good gun. Players can now upgrade their weapons regardless of their rarity. However, some of the changes are not enjoyed by the players so far. For example, the inclusion of Bots in the game. Bots are currently only in casual games; we will not be seeing them in ranked games for obvious reasons. However, Fortnite has some of the worst Bots we have seen so far in a video game. Bots are clueless about the majority of what is going on. This mixed with SBMM (Skill-based Matchmaking) makes the game uncomfortable for now.

But Epic Games has a different agenda apparently. Today we have seen a very interesting question coming from Epic Games. The question came from the Fortnite Official Twitter page. The question is should the motorboats allowed on land.

Problems With Motorboats

As you can see with all the problems Fortnite has right now, Epic Games is asking about Motorboats. Epic Games tried many different ways of changing the game. Obviously one of them was vehicles. However, the vehicles did not perform as expected before. We all remember how planes were a problem for some time. Vehicles were not very good for a game this size. Generally, they were left untouched by players. This was due to the sound that they make but also how vulnerable you were when you are driving them. A good player with an average aim can shoot you no matter the level you are. Ballers changed the game a lot. Especially in Pro level gameplays. But besides those vehicles, most of them were not used that often.
Boats on land is an interesting concept. Currently, when we look at the poll from the tweet we can see that the majority of players are ok with it. We will see how this plays out in the future. You can vote if you want a boat turning into a land vehicle. However, we hope that even if the majority are saying yes, there won’t be any problems with them in the future. Of course, how will they apply is the main question here.

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