Epic Teases the Infinity Sword – Sword Sounds Leaked

Fortnite Infinity Sword Epic Games LEAK Rumor Lottery Creative Mode Batle Royale
Image courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Teases the Infinity Sword – Sword Sounds Leaked

Lots of leaks seem to be floating around about since the release of Epic’s Games trailer. This article by Forbes points out that the “Infinity sword” keeps popping up in their recent trailer.

The Infinity sword might be a weapon this time and not just a harvesting tool. Epic is well known for constantly introducing new weapons throughout the season. Since the introduction of grapple guns, balloons and other similar items, the entry of the infinity sword into the mix would not surprise anyone given the hints shown in Fortnite Games trailers.

During the trailer, experts have spotted a character holding the sword in such a way that it is used more like a weapon rather than a harvesting tool.


Fortnite had increased the damage value of the pickaxe a few updates back, forcing players to back out of a fight when opponents are wildly swinging their axes at you. Previously, the pickaxe would give you a damage of 10 on each hit, now it’s been upped to 20. This clearly suggests that Epic wants to use melee weapons in the game at some point of time. It could also be the fact that many inexperienced gamers who just landed on the ground would not be able to fend off opponents that have already picked up weapons.

Here is a Leak of what the Infinity Sword will sound like:

With skins being the key element in the shop, the introduction of a sword as a melee weapon would suit a lot of players with relating character skins.

This whole buzz of the sword coming to the mix could be tagged “good to go” considering the speed at which the game is evolving.

Fortnite Infinity Sword Epic Games LEAK Rumor Lottery Creative Mode Batle Royale Character Ninja
Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Item wraps could be Epic’s next big lottery!

The moment everyone saw “gun and vehicle wraps” included in the battle pass, the obvious two words popped up in everyone’s heads; “about time”. Considering the speed at which fortnite is introducing items, the entry of wraps is relatively late.

Other major titles such as Call of Duty and CS:GO were already earning a major chunk of their revenue through weapon wraps/skins,and that too years back .

As of now, you can only get them through the battle pass. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them being introduced into the item store soon. Why?

The amount of money Epic can make again by just adding a new wrap to already existing outfit collections could amount to millions weekly. Epic could make a series of wraps and sell it in the item store week on week, one by one. They can do this with 1/4th of the effort they would have to put in to make a new costume.

Why would anyone say no to an opportunity? Surely Epic won’t!

Look out for item wraps in the item Store this season!

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