Family Holiday Ruined After Kids Buy 65,000 Fortnite V-Bucks

Fortnite Ruins Family Holiday After Kids Buy 65,000 V-Bucks
Source: Epic Games

Today we will take a look at an unpleasant situation all around. How can two small kids ruin a family vacation? Find out more below.

Fortnite Ruins Family Holiday After Kids Buy 65,000 V-Bucks

The average age of a video game player is 31 years old. These people are part of the 1st generation of gamers; Atari/Commodore/NES players. Back then, there was no microtransaction or online memberships. We bought games with our allowance or the little money we made from our part-time job. It involved a trip to the local toy/electronic store. But nowadays, gamers don’t even have to go to the store to buy games. With a simple add-to-cart and a confirm of a button, you’ll be able to download a $69.99 game right into your console. On top of this, we have microtransactions that are not understandable by younger kids, which is where an unfortunate situation comes in with regards to microtransactions. So here is a story from Reddit user u/ A_Sad_Frog.

A Good Uncle

Our story begins with being a good uncle named A_Sad_Frog. He has one nephew and one niece who doesn’t have a large collection of video games on their PSN account. Being the good uncle he is, he let them play with his PSN account as his collection consists of many games, far more than his nephew and niece have. He was sure there would be a no problem since everything you buy needs credit card information.

Message Alert

Several days later he gets this message on Facebook. “A_Sad_Frog, can you check your bank?” It was my brother in law. His nephew and niece’s father. “W is playing Fortnite and he has 65,000 V bucks, is this normal?

The Uncle checked his bank statement and saw that £422.90 ($531) had been spent out over a week. By the time he got back into to account,  the damage was already done. 20,000 V-bucks had already been spent. He saw that the Playstation wallet can be topped up before each purchase, so his nephew and niece must have paid for it by first from buying wallet currency, which apparently doesn’t require a code. The kids were making the purchases without even knowing it. Considering the were as young as 5 years old, they most likely didn’t have an understanding of how microtransactions work.

Fortnite V Bucks Purchase
Source: Epic Games
The Sad Side of the Story

Here comes the sad part. The Uncle’s girlfriend was going to visit her family in the US and was storing her savings for the trip in that account (which he since disconnected from PSN). Her entire pocket money just flew out the window. Unfortunately, there is no accidental purchase solution offered by PS Store. You can only get your money back into your PS wallet, not into your bank account. This makes things extremely problematic.

Fortunately, Epic Games Reddit community manager told him to contact him in order to solve the problem. We hope that their problems can be solved. But this is an unfortunate story as it could happen to anyone.

Gaming companies should be responsible for these kinds of behaviors. There should be at least 2 verification steps in order to make a purchase. Kids play these games and they always make mistakes because they don’t know better. Some of these kids are so young they do not even know how to read, but they can play video games.

Full story here.

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