FaZe adds FunkBomb Then Advances to Winter Royale Finals

source: Twitter Faze

Trevor “FunkBomb” Siegler becomes 8th member of Faze clan then showcases an amazing play while advancing to the Winter Royale Grand Finals

FaZe clan has just snagged up FunkBomb at the perfect time. His planejacking was one of the best moments of the Winter Royale Semi Final:

As an 8th addition to the clan, Trevor Siegler AKA “FunkBomb” has joined this elite team of players.

Current Faze Clan roster:
Turner Tenney (Tfue)
Dennis Lepore (Cloak)
Brendon O’Brien (Jaomock)
Brandon Yelo (Yelo)
Nate Hill
Jason Want (Tennp0)
Thang Phan ( SpaceLyon)
Trevor Siegler ( FunkBomb)

FunkBomb has already partnered up with Nate hill  as a duos partner for the Fortnite Summer and Fall Skirmish. In fact, they finished first in the week 6 day 1 event and came 2nd on week 7 day 2. Apart from this the two were able to finish 2nd for Twithcon as well.

Solid and consistent performance is constantly showcased whenever the duo partner up. The experience of winning competitions is exactly what FaZe is looking for.  They’ve already got the king of duos “Tfue” and “Cloak” branding them with gold foil, now come the runners up “Nate Hill” and “FunkBomb”

Congrats to FunkBomb on joining Fazeclan. Hopefully more success is to come during the Winter Royale Grand Finals.

Why is he joining now?

FunkBomb absolutely killed it during the Winter Royale Qualifiers. He Played, the NA-East servers and managed to secure the 33rd spot on the list. He then crushed the semi finals to move on to the grand finals.

Among the 8 players in Faze, his finish was the best. With, proven duos records, with Nate hill, it only seems logical for FaZe to have accquired him during his peak.

Who knows, Nate himself might have insisted FaZe to reach out to FunkBomb. Either way, another “legend in the making” has tied up with one of the hottest teams on the Fortnite eSports circuit.

Good times to come for FunkBomb

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