FaZe Clan Signs Top Fortnite Pro To Their Esports Roster

FaZe Clan Signs Top Fortnite Pro Mongraal To Their Esports Roster

FaZe Clan made a sensational signing with Mongraal to their Fortnite Competitive Division.

FaZe Clan Signs Top Fortnite Pro To Their Esports Roster

One of the most talked about esports organizations in recent time is FaZe Clan. This was due to the fact that popular streamer and Fortnite Pro Player ”tfuesued FaZe Clan for making him sign an “oppressive” contract. This was a very interesting case partly due to the popularity of tfue, but mostly it was due to the claims he made in the filings. Tfue even claimed that FaZe Clan made an illegal signing with ”h1ghsky1”. Many organizations try to sign top prospects as soon as they can, and age doesn’t seem to be a question. This is due to the fact that Esports is growing and the laws controlling these so-called organizations are still filled with loopholes.

However, FaZe Clan is not stopping with their sensational signings. FaZe has signed NICKMERCS a month ago which was a great addition for the organization to fill in Tfue’s spot. Now FaZe Clan also signed another great player, Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson.

This is a great signing as Mongraal is one of the most popular streamers. Besides that, he is completely eligible for signing and he is competing in the Fortnite World Cup in both Solos and Duos. Mongraal was a Team Secret player until today. FaZe Clan just posted a video on their twitter account today about the signing:

Mongraal also made a tweet from his personal twitter account regarding his signing with the FaZe Clan.

Mongraal is a great signing for FaZe Clan. They were able to fill in the spot left from “tfue” pretty quickly and just before the Fortnite World Cup Finals. Mongraal is only 13 years old. This means that the FaZe Clan was able to secure a player that will be around for some time. However, we do not have the actual contract details but most likely Mongraal will relocate from England to Hollywood.

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