Fortbyte Challenge 36 Location: How to complete Fortbyte Accessible by a Sentinel on Frozen Island

Fortbyte Challenge 36 Accessible by Sentinel on a Frozen Island

Here is how to find and complete the new Fortbyte 36 Location is accessible by a Sentinel on a Frozen Island challenge in under 60 seconds.

Fortnite Season 9 is officially here and with it comes several interesting additions to the game. Slipstreams that let you fly inside of them and Sky Platforms which are very similar to Apex Legends Dropship. Season 9 introduces new locations in Neo Tilted and Mega mall. Finally, the newest weapon, the Combat Shotgun, makes its formal introduction. The video below shows you exactly how to access Fortbyte 36.

However, its the Fortbytes that are the most mysterious addition of all.  Fortbytes are like micro chip pieces that open up the Storyline for Fortnite Season 9.

How Fortbytes Work

Players need to complete the challenge in order to get the Fortbyte #36. Fortbytes are like tinny micro chip that players will try to complete in order to get a secret image closely linked to the Season 9 storyline. However, there are over 100 Fortbytes. Fortnite Season 9 opening day gives access to 18 Fortbytes.

Don’t feel like you have to complete them in a rush because they will all take time. Each day there will be a new Fortbyte announcement. Fortbytes can be earned via leveling up the battle pass, a certain XP accumulated, or finding the location of the Fortbyte piece. Here is a look at the first Fortbyte Location a Frozen Island.

The statement for Fortbyte 36 is accessible by a Sentinel on a Frozen Island. So where is this Frozen Island? The frozen island is located at the Southwest tip of the map. Players need to play as a Sentinel in order to access the island and get the Fortbyte.

So simply fly to the Southwestern tip of the map and you will be able to see the Fortbyte 36. You also need a Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass.

Video of Location

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of Fortbyte 36.

This post will be updated if there is any new information on the Fortbyte challenge.

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