Fortnite 2nd Birthday Guide: All Challenges, Skins and Start Date

Fortnite 2nd Birthday Guide All Challenges, Skins and Start Date

Today, Fortnite has it’s 2nd Birthday, and the party has just started. Here is everything you need to know for the birthday event; birthday challenges, all skins, and rewards.

Fortnite 2nd Birthday Guide: All Challenges, Skins and Start Date

Epic Games isn’t slowing down because they are going to host the biggest esports event for Fortnite. Today marks the Fortnite 2nd birthday and Game Life has the guide to walk you through everything you need to know, from the birthday challenges to the party skins and all the rewards you get for completing the Fortnite birthday event.

Last year, Fortnite celebrated its first birthday with its player base. However, the Fortnite birthday party was small, and players were able to earn some cosmetics through smaller challenges than what we have seen in this past year. This year, Epic Games is making sure it goes all in, even if it’s a day before the Fortnite World Cup!

Fortnite 2nd Birthday Start Date

Today marks the birthday of the most popular battle royale game to hit the video game scene. July 25, 2019 marks Fortnite’s 2nd birthday. Epic Games is giving all players until July 31st to complete all the party challenges.

Fortnite Birthday Challenges For Year Two

Birrthday Party Challenge List in Fortnite 2nd

Here is the list of all the 2nd birthday challenges that were released today:

  • Play Matches (10): If you play in 10 games, you will get the Frosted Wrap as a present.
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10): Completing the Birthday Cake challenge, you will be gifted B-Day Beats Music, only available from this event.
  • Outlast Opponents (500): If you can complete this, you’ll get a Fortnite b-day spray.
  • Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50): Reward: This one is a little harder as you’ll need to do 50 health/shields, but you’ll get a Birthday Cupcake Emoticon.
  • Completed ANY 4 CHALLENGES to earn the reward item:  By finishing one of the tasks above, you’ll get the Fortnite Birthday Slice Pickaxe!

Please keep in mind that you’ll have till July 31st to complete all the Fortnite birthday challenges.

Fortnite’s 2nd Birthday Guide To Complete

1). Play Matches (10)

In order to complete this challenge, you can simply join 10 active games. Once you do som, you’ll unlock his one.

2). Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)

Game Life has already created a guide for All Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations. It’s quite challenging given that you need to dance in front of 10 cake.

3). Outlast Opponents (500)

This challenge in the guide doesn’t mean you have a limited time to complete it, so don’t rush to outlast 500 players. You’ll have till July 31, 2019 to complete this. The best way to finish this task is to land on the outskirts of the battle royale map. This way you’ll have better control of your location, and you’ll see every enemy in front of you. Your opponents will most likely land in hot spots situated in the middle of the map. Outdo 500 opponents and you’ll unlock this challenge.

4). Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50)

This point on the list goes hand in hand with the Fortnite Birthday Cake challenge. Once you find a birthday cake on the map and dance in front of it, you can then eat the cake to regain health (clever of Epic to do this). So once you do this 50 times through many matches, you’ll unlock this and the reward that comes with it.

Fortnite 2nd Birthday Rewards

There are four rewards you can collect in this event, which is time-limited until July 31st. This doesn’t include the “slice of cake” you get from finding the b-day cake in-game. These are actually items that you can add in your inventory to celebrate Fortnite’s b-day! Here’s the rewards list:

  • Frosted Wrap
  • Birthday Cupcake Emoticon
  • B-Day Beats Music
  • Fortnite B-day Spray
  • Fortnite Birthday Slice Pickaxe

Here are the pictures for the birthday rewards:

B-Day Beats Music
B-Day Beats Music
Birthday Cupcake Emoticon
Birthday Cupcake Emoticon
Birthday Fortnite spray
Birthday Fortnite spray
Fortnite Birthday Emote
Fortnite Birthday Emote
Fortnite Birthday Slice Pickaxe
Fortnite Birthday Slice Pickaxe

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