Fortnite Birthday Event Challenges and Rewards

Fortnite Birthday Event Challenges and Rewards

There’s a Fortnite Birthday coming, and we all know Epic Games will make sure that players all over the world celebrate it. Fortnite turns 2!

Fortnite Birthday Event Challenges and Rewards

Fortnite Battle Royale is turning 2 years old. The game continues to be a hit, topping the competition while keeping things fresh for players. Fortnite without a doubt has one of the biggest player bases online. But generally, for games, it is harder to consolidate the player base rather than gain. On the other hand, Epic Games is approaching this probability with constant support for the game. Fortnite Battle Royale is also one of the most updated games ever.

To look deeper into Fortnite’s success, let us check their competitors in the last 2 years. PUBG and recently Apex Legends are the two main competitors. We recently wrote an article about PUBG’s popularity declining, so they don’t pose a major threat to Fortnite anymore. Apex Legends went on the decline after being released in the first two months, and are only recently making new strides again. But they have an uphill battle to try and get at the same level as Fortnite; hence the reason Fortnite is at the top right now.

The PUBG player base shrank down to 30% of what it was, and Apex Legends constantly reminds us of how many bugs there are in the game. Fortnite Battle Royale is still number one due to these constant updates, events, new items etc.

Regardless of these points, Fortnite is turning 2 years old and still going strong. Therefore, there are challenges and rewards coming our way as “FortTory”, a Fortnite Leaks and News accouunt on twitter recently mentioned. Let us check the Fortnite 2nd Birthday Event Challenges and Rewards.

Birthday Challenges

In light of these challenges, we are sure that there will be Birthday cakes around the map. Also, the challenges look easy and the rewards look awesome. Players without the Battle Pass will enjoy these as well.

Fortnite Battle Royale achieved good success until now. The game is internationally recognized and changed gaming forever, regardless of what the critics will say. The gaming scene changed with this game. We have a feeling the game will be around for many more years to come.

Happy 2nd Birthday Fortnite Battle Royale!


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