Fortnite Bottle Flip Location Bullseye Challenge

Fortnite Bottle Flip Location Bullseye Challenge
  • One of the Bullseye challenges requires you toLand a Bottle Flip on a Target Near a Giant Fish, Llama or Pig. Here’s how to complete the challenge.

Fortnite Bottle Flip Location Bullseye Challenge

In Season 10, we’ve seen some bizarre challenges. Some of the challenges were location based, so players would have toe glide to specific spots on the FN map to locate a hidden item, or just hit a an area. We’ve also seen some cool crossovers and collaborations such as the Batman crossover with the Gotham challenges, and also the Borderlands 3 collaboration including the Mayhem X event. Some of the bizarre challenges asked players to find a giant glowing cube and locating telescopes around the map. There was also a challenge where players needed to find a bat statue/ground pool/giant seat, destroying no dance signs, and even visiting a giant piano to play some music.

The requires players to use the bottle flip toy and find a specific spot on the map to drop it. Below explains how to complete this challenge.

Where is the Giant Fish, Llama and Pig Location in Fortnite?

For this Fortnite challenge, players are required to glide down to a location that either has a Giant Fish, Llama or Pig. For this purpose, we’ve chosen the Fortnite Giant Fish location because it’s easier to get to.  Before you enter the game, you’ll need to equip the “Bottle Flip Toy” from the Fortnite menu as you’ll need this item to use in the Bullseye! challenge. The Giant Fish location is at the 3 lakes which is located North of the FN map, and just between Lazy Lagoon and Sunny steps.

You’ll know you’re at the giant fish location because of the huge wooden fish in one of the lakes. Additionally, there’s a green spot on the ground with the bottle icon inside of it, indicating this is where you’ll need to do a bottle flip to complete the challenge. You’ll need to make sure the bottle lands straight up. If the bottle falls on the side it doesn’t count. You’ll need to continue trying to “flip the bottle” to make it stand upright. It might take more than 5 times to do the bottle flip. Once you’ve done so, you’ll hear the completed sound.

Where is the Bottle Flip Llama Pig Giant Fish in Fortnite
#1 – Location of Giant Fish in Fortnite for Bottle Flip: Head North East above Lazy Lagoon where the 3 lakes are (G-2 on the FN grid map).

Video of Location

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who shows where to find the Giant Fish in Fortnite location:

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