Fortnite Burning Wailing Woods

Fortnite Burning Wailing Woods

Fortnite  is getting closer to it’s new season as new map footage shows a Burned and Dried out Wailing Woods.

Season 8 is expected to start in 2 weeks and many people are wondering what surprises are in store. We all know about the feud between the Ice King and the Fire King. Answers will come soon as cracks have started to form from Wailing Woods. Season 7 started with nearly one-third of the map being covered in ice and snow. First, Ice started to melt and the Ice Castle was revealed. A prisoner was found, in the dungeon, chained down, as the “The Fire King” was born.The map is covered with snow as the Ice King tries to prevent his Arch nemesis, the Fire King, from trying to escape.

Wailing Woods Dried Out

However, the Fire King did and now he wants revenge. The Fire King is so angry that there are now earthquakes on Fortnite Island. Also, we have leaked footage of the Burned Wailing Woods as we get closer to Season 8.

Also as you can see in the leaked map there is brown taint around the Wailing Woods. It does not look like its completely burned to the ground, more like very high-temperature suddenly made everything dry. The end of the video also shows a brief glimpse of Tilted Towers being changed. The tower looks completely gone and replaced with a path. We all know that Ice Biome will not last past Season 7.

We shall see what will happen but the earthquakes are getting more severe every day. We can be preparing for a post-apocalyptic Fortnite Season 8.

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