Fortnite Creative Mode Leaked


Dataminers have leaked out a new mode for Fortnite that would make the game a litle bit more interesting called “Creative Mode”. Find out the details below.

Fortnite Creative Mode Leaked

Fortnite Creative Mode was accidentally leaked by Lachlan ”Lachlan” Power. On December 4th a particular video was on Lachlan’s channel. However, it was supposed to come out at a later date. There is no release date announcement yet, but in the video it is stated by Lachlan in the video as tomorrow.

The Fortnite Creative Mode leaked by Lachlan looks a lot like Minecraft style building. You can create servers and join servers created by your friends. Players get to choose from four different maps. The maps will be of different biomes and terrains. Players can fly around the map when they are creating.

Here is the best creative video breakdown:


You can put anything into the map that is in the Fortnite. There are buildings from the game that you can choose for example the famous Tilted Towers tower clock or Lucky Landing’s Asian style buildings etc.

Fortnite Creative Mode House Building Castle Map

Players in theFortnite Creative Mode will be able to choose also new and different shapes provided by an index. For example in the video, it is shown that you will be able to choose blocks and create other shapes with them. Players will be able to spam any kind of buildings and cars etc.whatever you can think in the game. However; there appears to be a memory cap for the Fortnite Creative Mode. But from what we can get from Lachlan’s video the cap won’t be filled unless you create something extraordinary.

Fortnite Creative Mode Building Island

Fortnite Creative Mode = Endless Possibilities

This will create an infinite number of possibilities for you to play. Fortnite Creative mode also shows that you can choose the game mode; for example Free For All or Deathmatch. You can adjust even fall damage for that particular match. Shields and health levels you name it. Players will be able to put traps around; even create spawn locations for other players. The vehicles are not forgotten also, in the Fortnite Creative Mode you can spawn vehicles.

The fun does not end there you can create chests and fill them with every type of gun in the game. You can also create ammo’s and place them around the map. You can create a Lama even. I mean the possibilities are endless. Players will be able to create a time limit for the matches and at the end of the match everything that is damaged will return to normal, so you can start over again.

Fortnite Creative Mode Weapons New Leak

Fortnite Creative Mode Release Date

Fortnite Creative Mode release date is unknown at the moment. However, we can expect it very soon because the new season (Season 7) is starting tomorrow on December 6th. It is already snowing in the game and we cannot wait for this season and the possibility of making amazing maps with Fortnite Creative Mode and game modes.

Fortnite Creative Mode Creation Weapon List Choose From Island

Stay tuned for the upcoming news.

Here is the official Epic Teaser Video:


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