Fortnite Drum Shotgun is Coming

Fortnite Drum Shotgun is Coming
Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale continues to expand its arsenal with the new Drum Shotgun.

Epic Games is trying to improve Fortnite Battle Royale with every update. Honestly, the game changed so much we cannot even remember what Fortnite was like in 2017. However, we can all agree that Fortnite has one of the most aggressive update schedules. The game is getting updates nearly every week and on top of it, there are seasonal changes every 3 months. No other game is getting updated this much. Of course, this comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is, of course, it keeps players on their toes with every week players try to log in and check out the new item or weapon. However, as a disadvantage, sometimes the new items are not enjoyed by the community and they get vaulted after a brief time.

Well this time around, it looks like Fortnite Battle Royale is getting another Shotgun.

The Drum Shotgun.

This shotgun comes with a drum magazine. This means you do not need to reload or pump before every shot. However, because of the balance issues, the Drum Shotgun is expected to have either a little lower damage or a slower fire rate.

Recently, leakers announced that the gun will have 3 rarities common, uncommon and rare. The Drum Shotgun will also have 12 round magazine most probably.

But this also complicates the game a little bit more. We can see another shotgun getting vaulted soon due to the new Drum Shotgun. As we have talked before these many changes are effecting Pro Players on a whole another level. They want to master every weapon in the game. But we are less than a month away from Fortnite World Cup Finals and these are still updated incoming changing the game. We hope that Epic Games is aware of the situation.

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