Fortnite Dusty Depot And Meteor Location [Blockbuster Challenge]

Fortnite Dusty Depot And Meteor Location [Blockbuster Challenge]
  • The Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge has a second challenge where players need to land in Dusty Depot and visit a meteor in a single match. Here is how to do the challenge.

Fortnite Fortnite Dusty Depot And Meteor Location

The second Blockbuster challenge is similar to the Hero Mansion and Villain Hideout location. In Season 10, players are doing all different types of missions and challenges; the road trip missions the spray and pray, and the smash and grab challenge. This time around players need to complete the Blockbuster challenges which require visits to specific Fortnite locations on the map in order to fulfill the requirements. The first location is Dusty Depot, and the second location is for the meteor. Here is how to complete the Dusty Depot and Meteor challenge.

Where is the Dusty Depot and Meteor Location?

There are two new locations for this challenge that are spread out on the Fortnite map, but you’ll first need to land at Dusty Depot and work your way up to the meteor. This is how you do it.

  • You need to build towards the meteor after you land at Dusty Depot. First harvest material in Dusty depot, then start building up to the Fortnite meteor. Once you see the meteor, you’ll get a low gravity effect which means you’ve completed the meteor challenge.

A good start for this challenge is to land near loot lake, and then work your way to the Dusty Depot location. Since this challenge requires you to do this in a single game, you’ll need to be strategic about your approach. While you work your way to Dusty Depot, ou can harvest trees along the way. Once there, you can start building towards the meteor which will bring you towards Pressure Plant. As you are building, you’ll notice the meteor fly-by near you.

where is the Dusty Depot And Meteor Location in fortnite

Here are the locations of the Fortnite meteor and Fortnite dusty depot location:

Location #1: Drop at Dusty Depot (Map location F-5)
Location #2: North of Retail Row, just start building towards Pressure Plant (Map location H-4)
Video of Locations

Here is a look at, Youtuber HarryNinetyFour who includes a specific flyby video of the Fortnite Dusty Depot And Meteor Location :

All you need to do for the challenge is to land at Dusty Depot, harvest materials and build o the meteor in Fortnite. Once you’ve completed this challenge you’ve finished the Blockbuster challenge (considering you’ve completed the Fortnite Mansion and Hideout location).

Fortnite X Mayhem Event

For those who missed it, there was a collaboration between Fortnite and Borderlands for a new event called the X Mayhem. There are two challenges associated with it (Claptrp Eye and Symbols on Vaults). Additionally, there are a variety of skins, items, rewards, and characters that you can get in the Fortnite shop. Good luck to all trying to complete the “Land in Dusty Depot, then Visit the Meteor in a Single Match” challenge.

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