Fortnite East Coast VS West Coast Rivalry: Tfue Gives His Input

Fortnite-East-Coast-VS-West-Coast-Rivalry-Tfue-Gives-His-Input-Tupac Biggie Ez

Fortnite East Coast VS West Coast Rivalry: Tfue Gives His Input

There’s a saying online, that the East side doesn’t gel with the West side. Since the beginning of online gaming players have weighed in on the topic. East Side players have better connections, West Coast has the better players and so forth. Well this time it’s a different argument.

What’s the Big Deal With East Side VS West Side

We’re not talking about people hating each other because of where they are from. We’re talking about people hating their internet connection where they are from. Supposedly there’s a different in the way gamers connection to online servers for specific games.

The topic is widely debated, both sides saying that their internet connection is the worse. There’s a large amount of gamers that all agree that anyone who lives in the “central” zone has the best online connection, because the top games that everyone is playing has servers located there.

Ever get into a Call of Duty game where there’s always that one person who seems to be moving faster than anyone else, and the kills they get on you make no sense? Ask them where they are from. Most likely living the states that are central to the country. But this is all just speculation at this point since everyone has their own opinion.

What is Tfue’s Point of View on this?

Supposdely Tfue shares the idea with West Coast players that ttheir internet connection is very bad. Tfue recently just came back from the West coast and return back to his home. While streaming on of his games he said:

“Bro it’s wild dude like you guys don’t understand playing on solos in West compared to East. You don’t even understand it’s just the server in general.”

and then continues on to say:

“Like, like the west servers are actually fucked. If feels like a different game on East.”

You heard it from the best Fornite player in the world. West coast servers are pretty horrible.

Fortnite East Coast VS West Coast Rivalry Tfue Gives His Input Battle Royale
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