Fortnite Event: The Final Showdown

Fortnite Event The Final Showdown

The Fortnite Battle Royale Cattus vs. Doggus Event is coming. The new leaks suggest that players will be active during the event, perhaps indicating jetpacks, and that the event will be called, “The Final Showdown”.

Will Players Have JetPacks In The Fortnite Cattus vs. Doggus Event?

Fortnite Battle Royale events are fun, and leaks leading up to the events are always interesting. Players are from all around the world enjoy these big events. They somewhat create a bond with the game. The story of Fortnite Island already became a little bit like lore. It generally allows players to gather together and enjoy or fight. The Cattus vs Doggus event actually had a very long preparation time. We have seen the Robot getting assembled at Pressure Plant for some time. Before that, players were noticing big propaganda posters around the map. These were indicating that the event was approaching. Also, the giant Monster was sighted.

As we mentioned, the preparation time was long enough for players to believe that something big will happen. Of course, there were theories all around. However, today we have the first actual leaks about the event. *Spoiler Alert!*:

Fortnite Final Showdown

The event code name will be The Final Showdown. Players will be getting a message on their screen indicating that “Initiate Island Defense Protocol. Emergency hyper fuel jetpacks have been granted. Take to the skies and find cover on sky platforms“. These jetpacks will contain apparently unlimited fuel, therefore, we can easily say that players will be flying around a lot.

Sky Platforms will have role apparently in this Cattus vs. Doggus Event. As players are flying, maybe these locations will be used as a retreat point to get more ammo and continue to battle or gain health even. Therefore there is no doubt that all the players will be attending the Cattus vs. Doggus event.

Also, the robot is completed. You can see it below.

The robot looks hilarious like a Hello Kitty. It looks cute more than frightening. But we will see it in the battle in the upcoming Fortnite Cattus vs. Doggus Event.

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