Fortnite Foraged Apples At The Orchard Guide

Fortnite Foraged Apples At The Orchard Guide
  • Foraged Apples need to be consumed at the Fortnite Orchard. To complete this challenge, you need to consume 3 foraged apples. Here is where to find them on the FN map.

Fortnite Foraged Apples At The Orchard Guide

The Trick Shot missions have been released by Epic Games, and they are all about getting out there and either dancing, consuming or finding specific items in the checklist. The Fortnite challenges have been lagging in Chapter 2, however, Epic Games has made it up today and released a variety of trick shot missions. In today’s challenge, players are required to consume Fortnite foraged apples which mimics the same challenge from last week where players needed to consume foraged items.

The foraged apples challenge is about finding 3 Fortnite apples to consume.

Where are the Foraged Apples in Fortnite?

For the “consume foraged apples” challenge, players need to consume 3 foraged apples to complete the challenge. At the Fortnite menu, the task clearly states, “Consume Foraged Apples at the Orchard” and that it’s part of the trick shot challenge. The Foraged apples are placed at the same place as last weeks challenge where it’s at the Frenzy farm (the Orchard).

Where are the all Fortnite foraged apples?

#1 Location: In between Craggy Cliffs and Frenzy Farm (F-3 on the FN Map Grid)
where are the foraged apples in fortnite trick shot mission
Source: Epic

Specifically, the foraged apples are at the Fortnite Orchard where there are loads of apples, and you can complete the challenge fairly quickly.

Here is a video of All Fortnite Foraged Items Locations spots:

Other Fortnite Challenges

Epic Games has released five challenges today which consists of players spraying a bridge, dancing in front of giant objects, searching for a hidden Fortnite letter, saving yourself from fall damage and consuming apples. The challenges are somwhat challenging, and it will all depend on how many players in the same match want to complete the challenge which can be difficult if you have to fight off enemies while doing them. Good luck with the trick shot challenges and consuming foraged apples in Fortnite!

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