Fortnite Goodies for Galaxy Owners – Is Thanos Coming back this season?

Fortnite Goodies for Galaxy Owners - Is Thanos Coming back this season

Fortnite Goodies for Galaxy Owners – Is Thanos Coming back this season?

Galaxy owners rejoice! More goodies are incoming! The Fortnite v7.0 update includes a Galaxy spray which might be available later down the lane in this season. Whether the spray remains exclusive to Galaxy owners we’re yet to find out.

Fortnite looks like they are still in partnership with Samsung, hence we could see a major launch event which would feature Fortnite in it.This his could happen this season, as the spray has been included in season 7.

The introduction of the Galaxy spray opens doors of other new galaxy themes add-ons. Weapon wraps might be an idea Galaxy skin developers have already looked.

So far, Galaxy owners were only given exclusive access to the outfit alone. The pickaxe and back bling were available for everyone via the item store. Maybe wraps might be introduced the same way?


With Walmart giving away custom “spray” emotes to a select number of users, the galaxy spray might also remain exclusive to a select set of users.

Many Fortnite gamers have already invested a lot of money on getting the galaxy skin, for them to complete the set they would have to make sure the grab this emote the moment its out. Watch out for Galaxy related tweets and news through out this season to make sure your ahead in the queue.


THANOS IS COMING BACK to Fortnite! Battle Royale Winter Will Be Scary!

@FBR_News recently tweeted out the leaks related to Thanos. The majority of the comic books fans expected the re-introduction of Thanos to be the major announcement at the The Game Awards which happened early this week.

Gamefiles mentioned in the tweet apparently still showing the old images of Thanos featured last year.

We could see an exciting new LTM mode featuring the Marvel legend and his superhero powers in action, hopefully soon enough.

With the launch of the trailer soon, we could see the introduction of Thanos in playground mode as well. Fortnite has already introduced the “Creative” mode this season, if users could get Thanos to spawn in their island, that would be some major hype.

Keep following our blogs as we keep a track of Thanos and his digital whereabouts 🙂

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